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VPL_CNC_Vehicles Version 1.01

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    VPL_CNC_Vehicles Version 1.01

    Been working on this off and on now for a good while, felt Ive made enough changes since the last one to warrent a new post.

    I'm pretty happy with the vehicles in the pack in their current form, Ill probably continue to tinker with them, to make them well rounded, with appropriate flaws so that one vehicle does not always dominate the battlefield.

    Most of the changes since the last version went into tweaking the vehicles, most notable the Mammoth Tank now heals itself to half health, and the Medium Tank now has a second turret to help fend off infantry.

    As before the download does not include a mutator, I figure that there is no reason for me to make one, when the folks over at Wod Mod Pod have made a perfectly good vehicle replacement mutator.

    You can download the file here.
    You can take a look at em below
    Nod Buggy

    GDI Mammoth Tank

    GDI Medium Tank

    Nod Artillery

    As near as I can tell there arent any significant bugs, and Ive not noticed any issues during netplay. If you find any issues, or have any comments, feel free to post them here, PM me here on the forums, or send something to the email in the reedme.

    Maybe next do the original Red Alert vehicles?