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Male Merc - Spectre 1.0

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    Male Merc - Spectre 1.0

    This is my very first attempt to make a skin.

    OK it's not really that original (basically I'm releasing it just because I want to hear people's opinions), as you can see he's just Wraith with his left eye unscarred and wearing an outfit similar to Brock's. I used textures from PlayerSkins.utx but I had to edit them quite a bit (the blue and red outfits) since the skin (no pun intended) tone on his arms didn't quite match that of his face's. Also I had to fill a blank area in between the legs that didn't appear when I applied the textures over Brock's model... I blame Epic for not modeling Wraith/Torch's body 100% identical to Brock or Malcolm's (even though they're really close).

    it should be compatible with UTComp, I know it works fine with version 1.6a.


    EDIT: Version 2.0 out. fixed white neck area, fixed LODSet properties on textures, added green and gold skins.

    Looks good, I actually like your team skins better than the standard Brock textures. However, you've made a minor (and extremely common) mistake on the textures: All of the textures are set to world detail, which is the default when you import a texture. Right click your textures, select properties, and look under the "texture" tab. The skin textures need to be set to LODSET_Playerskin, and the portrait needs to be LODSET_interface. This will prevent washed out looking textures when playing on older machines than need to have lower texture detail on maps.

    Also this isn't critical, but it would be nice if you set up green and gold team skins. They work the same as red and blue skins, just add _2 for green and _3 for gold.

    One last thing: the bot settings for this character are very over powered.

    I'd change it from this:

    Accuracy=+3.0,Aggressiveness=+0.3,CombatStyle=+0.0 5,Tactics=+5.0,ReactionTime=+0.2,Jumpiness=+0.85,S trafingAbility=+5.0,FavoriteWeapon=XWeapons.ShockR ifle)
    to something more balanced, that won't completely own other bots and screw up instant action teams:
    Accuracy=+1.2,Aggressiveness=+0.3,CombatStyle=+0.0 5,Tactics=+1.0,ReactionTime=+0.2,Jumpiness=+0.85,S trafingAbility=+1.0,FavoriteWeapon=XWeapons.ShockR ifle)
    EDIT: One more last thing: The standard Wraith/Torch characters have a white patch on their necks, and so does yours. It should be easy enough for you to fix. I noticed this because I recently worked on a merc character.


      Hey, thanks for the feedback.

      OK here should be version 1.5 I guess. I fixed the white area behind his neck as much as I could. Also fixed the LODSET issues.

      I watered down the bot stats to the following:
      Accuracy 80%
      Aggresiveness 73%
      Agility 80%
      Tactics 93%
      No weapon preference

      EDIT: Green and gold skins done.