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Elements of War v8

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    What do you mean? There is only one UT3 folder, called xClassesUT3
    Which is in

    This is a UT2004 mod, it only has the code for the UT3 game.

    FYI: The shortcut is C:/GameZ/UT2004/
    NOT where UT2004 is default installed, I want to say C:/Program Files/UT2004/
    That's probably what is causing the problems.

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    I get a "your cd key is invalid" window in the desktop when I try to activate this mod. That's a first...

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    Think you need to repackage this, seperate whatever belongs to UT3 and UT2004. Add some proper documentation. No idea what's going on here.

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  • started a topic Elements of War v8

    Elements of War v8

    Elements of War
    Version Eight - Unreal Tournament 2004

    Elements of War sky camera system
    (Top down view where the player always looks to the north of the screen. If you look left or right, the camera will turn clockwise or counter clockwise with you)
    Nine levels
    UT2004 and UT3 full source code - Open source, use in your mods/games

    You can also check out now

    If you're wondering, this version compared to the FilePlanet version is nearly the same, just small updates and of course the UT3 code added in. PLUS it has all the maps added in(my Internet was bad long ago, so, I had to upload some files... lol).

    Check out my other mods
    EoW - Half-Life 2
    EoW: 1337 Board - HL/HL2/CS:S/L4D/xHL Series / Quake... Etc...

    As for lack of updates... World of WarCraft. Nuff said.