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Super Telefrag (InstaGib variation) UT2k4

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    Super Telefrag (InstaGib variation) UT2k4

    Name: Super Telefrag
    Version: 1.0
    Description: InstaGib variation where you are teleported to your victim's location
    Credits: Written by myself, idea from the mutator "Telefrag" by DethPete

    Longer description and documentation of the configuration settings in the readme in the archive.

    I got the idea from an existing mutator (as in the credits), but the implementation I had was buggy (perhaps his version has been updated since? I dunno) and I thought it could be improved, so I made my own and here it is. Posted as Beta because it's only been tested by myself so far.

    This download is for UT2k4 but I'm planning to make it work on UT2k3 as well.

    I tried to keep it as compatible as possible; should work in all standard game types, even though InstaGib in Assault would be a little silly.

    Comments and constructive criticism appreciated and please let me know if you find a bug!

    (Oh and if anybody has an idea for a more creative name, I'll gladly take that too )

    I remember the one Luggage made years back for UT - was a lot of fun as I remember.

    He made it as a replacement for the shock rifle, so you could also use it in standard matches (and as I recall, it could run out of ammo also)


      I liked the UT version. Primary telefraged and alt teleported, this mut work like that?


        JohnnySix: Heh, I guess I should have googled around some. I didn't realize that there were already multiple versions of this concept floating around!

        Kyllian: In this version, primary telefrags and alt fire zooms in.

        I'll consider alt fire teleporting for a future version though (I like that idea), as well as turning it into a shock rifle replacement, rather than a full-fledged arena mutator.


          Question, you say the primary fire telefrags right?

          If, say, you fired the weapon without any enemy in sight, would you just teleport to that location?

          EDIT: LOL nvm