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    Volatile Adrenaline

    Here's a mutator I wrote. Should be finished and functional, but I'm posting it in the beta section to get some feedback, as well as in case any bugs turn up.

    Version: 1.0b

    Short synopsis: Movement speed and firing rate are updated continually depending on how much adrenaline you have. Combos are disabled. Your adrenaline decreases over time, so you have to keep getting more by scoring kills or game objectives. Too much adrenaline (i.e. 100) will kill you. You get a tunnel vision effect that darkens the edges of your vision from high adrenaline.

    It's configurable. Full length explanation of the mutator as well as an explanation of the settings, credits, compatibility notes, possible future features etc. are in a readme inside the download if you are interested in reading more and/or giving it a go.

    Please let me know what you think if you give it a whirl.

    mmm..... interestig. downloading....


      sounds cool! And i'd like to know how you pulled off some of the things! I think i'll download this baby :P


        INIQUITOUS: Feel free to ask I also don't mind posting the source code if anybody is curious. Although you can export it from UnrealEd anyway.


          usualy, i dont live enough to see the full efects of the adrenaline....


            I actually found a bug myself; some of my net mode checks were bad and caused the mutator not to work right on listen server. I've updated the archive in the first post with version 1.0a.

            Changelog (complete changelog always in the readme):
            - Fixed net mode checks to make it work on listen server
            - Added setting to turn tunnel vision off
            - Actually disallowed combos for human players (previously only disallowed for bots and infeasible for humans)

            Kontroll: Yeah, depending on what map and game type and how many players you're playing, maxing it out is tricky. You may have to reduce the decrease rate.


              I think its good , how ever there a couple things that should change I think.

              You can't do the loaded command with this mutator as it awards 100 adrenaline and so the mutator kills you. There should be a check for this and restore the adren to what it was before the command? OR simply create your own mutate loaded command that gives weapons but no adrenaline (for instant action only, or maybe + admin only aswel ).

              My adren was at about 65 and I just died for no apparaent reason. The death string read "Ini got overexcited about killing Kaela " - something like this. I worked hard not to max my adren and was having a fun time then I just randomly die?!! I don't like that


                Well I'm glad you like it

                OK, I have no idea what you mean by the loaded command.. is that a cheat, or another mutator?

                I'm not sure what happened to you when you randomly died - the only things I can think of, are that you killed somebody without realizing it (UT awards a frag when you're the last person to hit somebody who then died from fall damage/lava/out-of-world, so it's not an obvious kill), or if you're playing double dom you'll get adrenaline when your team scores due to you possessing a control point. Although in that case, it shouldn't give you "X got too excited over killing Y".

                The only thing I can say is, this mutator has been in the works for over half a year and I've played it a lot during that time - but it's never happened to me O.O

                If you can reproduce it, and/or tell me the exact circumstances in which it happened, that'd be immensely helpful.


                  the loaded command is just like the god command, in the console in instant action press tab and type loaded ... there are also a lot of command mutators out there that include the loaded command.

                  It gives the player all weapon, max ammo and full adrenaline. It used in instant action a lot. With this mutator you can't use it! :'(

                  ok the 'bug'. I was playing Dm-1on1-Idoma against 7 bots I think. (Death match). I was just running around killing bots, I was on a killing spree with 65 adrenaline and killed Kaela with the Link gun beam then I died. Thats about it lol


                    lol, Killing another player and then dying is hardly random In that case, Kaela must have had a lot of adrenaline, and you got a larger than normal reward for killing her because of that, which put you at/above 100.

                    Hmm, I'd been wondering if I should add something to the HUD that lets allows players to tell who is "high"; guess I'll add that to my "future features" list.

                    I'll see if I can do something about the loaded thing, too.



                      - Config setting to turn off overdosing
                      - Adrenaline is unaffected by cheats


                        one thing i noticed playing is its really hard to keep the adrenaline numbers up with few players.
                        is there someway you could code the decay rate to be inversely proportional to the number of players?
                        adjusting it based on available adrenaline capsules each map has would probably be freaking impossible, well , freaking hard


                          Yeah, I'm aware of that problem, I just haven't really come up with an elegant solution yet. As much as I love playing this mutator, the math that goes on behind the scenes is so unpredictable that it's near impossible to automatically set "fair" decay rates. Well, unless I wanted to make a research paper out of it, which I suppose I could. >_>

                          Adjusting the rate depending on the number of players is a nice idea, but the problem with few players is that if you're even getting adrenaline that can decay in the first place (i.e. not dying for a while because it's reset when you die), then the match is already unbalanced to begin with.

                          BUT, your suggestion gave me another idea, which is to adjust the basic kill reward based on the number of players. Basically if there's only three people playing, killing one of them will give you 15 units of adrenaline, plus the extra award based on the difference.

                          Which only really leaves the problem of map size, because the same number of players will meet less frequently on a larger map. And that might possibly be approximated by counting the number of adrenaline pills, as you suggested (I think I already know how to pull that off).

                          That was some valuable input, thanks


                            well, i played rustorium, which has almost no adrenaline pills, and deck which has 4-6 lined up all over the place, and the game was different.

                            but if you could count the pills, and count the players, then size does not matter a whole lot since everyone is playing tight little pretzel maps

                            just want to say how much i appreciate you doing something completely different, and doing it so well


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