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DM-Hypercube (PICS, PUB DL)

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    DM-Hypercube (PICS, PUB DL)

    Name: DM-Hypercube

    Version: Beta v0.8 (Local v08e2b)

    Compatibility: Built with UT2004. No ECE required.

    Description: This map is based on the sequel to a movie called "Cube." For those that haven't seen it, it is Horror/Scifi where a group of people are trapped in a 4-dimensional cube (for a better explanation you will have to see the movie in it's entirety). As a tribute, this map borrows aesthetics from the film.

    When you enter the map, you are located within a hollow cube. There are "portals" in all 6 directions (although the top portal is unreachable). You can reach the side portals by climbing their ladder and ducking down to crawl through. All of the portals lead to cubes that appear the same, each with another 6 portals. If you continue to climb through portals which face the same direction, you will never reach the end of the map -- It would appear there are an infinite number of cubes that can be reached. Welcome to the Hypercube.

    Comments: I thought this might be an interesting map to build over the weekend. I was not sure if I would post it, and I do not know if it will progress any further than it's current state, as it is a proof of concept that could have potential as a map. This map is DM for demo purposes. Bot pathing is limited (they don't like crawling through the side doors after getting up a ladder).

    Beta version v0.8 includes 3 trap cubes as can be found in the film (listed in the spoiler section below). In this version of the map the hypercube does not break apart as it did in the end of the film. Additional features would be easy to add since the structure of the hypercube is already set up.

    All textures/staticmeshes were custom made for this map. No additional files required. If anyone is interested in helping to continue this map into it's final stage feel free to PM me.

    SPOILERS: There are not an infinite number of cubes. There are actually 27. A 3x3x3 block of cubes builds the map, where the outer edge loops back to the far side with the use of warp zones. The trap cubes are: the collapsing time cube (a wave of time ages everything past death), the time crystal cube (works similar to the collapsing time cube but instead of a wave, small sections collapse at a time), the tesseract cube (a miniature version of the hypercube that is deadly to the touch).


    A hypercube cube as seen from straight on.

    A hypercube cube as seen from a diagonal.

    A player walking through a hypercube cube side portal (adjacent cube visible).

    • Killer909 (made the map)
    • Lions Gate Films (made Cube 2: Hypercube)

    Homepage: N/A
    Download: LINK (1.4 MB)

    having seen the films I'm impressed with this maps look. Will definately give this a go.


      Okay so had a good try on the map, but whilst the map is incredibly accurate in looks I found getting through the floor openings very difficult. I also tried to get through the top but failed to. I take it that the map isn't bop pathed, so playing offline would be difficult as well (which is how I play the game but still wanted to see the map anyway).

      As a suggestiong you could see if its possible to have some of the panels in certain rooms move to expose weapons and ammo which can be picked up as running out of ammo could prove to be a big letdown.


        Thanks for having a look. It is true that the floor is difficult to line up to. It seems players don't fall from edges very easily. I am working to improve this. Moving upward is not currently possible. There are technical issue having to do with ladders on the ceiling, and also moving upward did not take place in the movie.

        I'm not sure this will be bot-pathable, since they will probably never want to crawl through a portal. Adding weapons is definitely possible, especially if people want this map to be playable.


          I have posted an updated version of the map (see first post in this thread). The updated version is more seamless, includes trap cubes, has improved portals (it is slightly easier to drop vertically through a portal).

          It does not look like this map will be bot-pathable, so I have only placed a single spawnpoint. This will most likely be the last edit, as I have taken this map as far as I can.


            so good i want to try it!!
            he looks like the mod for hl²?

            i want make this map, but i do"nt have the time
            thanks to make it!!


              Killer that 's u great!!
              u have very good idea, but please works on ut3
              the level editing he is more easier
              and whti idea u can make great think on ut3!!!!!