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    well i opened ONS-Torlan and my god that map has a lot of path errors a lot more than my map so i guess im ok with the way my paths are for now i will just put blocking volumes around the mountains so the bots dont try to go up them when there is no paths there.


      Yeap, warnings don't mean much, just bots generally like to behave better when there are less warnings. And some warnings even mean nothing, like the Editor complains if there are any movers that are not associated with some actors, but movers usually *are* unassociated. And if you associate one Door actor with two movers (double door), the editor even gives an Error, which is really silly.


        ok im back i have most of the map done except the mountain bases im going to realease the beta version sometime to day after i add all the weapons and health packs plus new screen shots of the level

        im going to need testers for this level

        Im still having problems with the frame rate most of the map is above 40-50 fps but at the main bases it drops and i have zone protals there so i have no idea why it is droping all the time.

        All comments are welcome as long as they are constructive and not Insulting

        thank you all for waiting so long for the level i hope you all enjoy this level

        Edit: the download link is on the first page


          That's odd, if you're inside a building, you should get a lot more FPS than outside, as outside there are a lot more things to render... I might look into what you've made, but I have my own project to do...


            I forgot to add the blocking volumes i just added them i am going to upload a new version in the next half hour so it will be version 1.10


              i really hate this i build all the paths and everything is gone on the map is this a new bug with this engine now

              OK now im getting path errors for flyingnode that are not even on the map this makes no sense at all

              im uploading the new version right now can someone please take a look at this map and tell me what is going on

              Edit: the new version is uploaded and ready for testing