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    you do mean just an image of the terrain and not one where it shows you where everyone is?


      ok the Radar is done i downloaded radar2004 its a mutator for ONS maps

      But how do i make it a permanent part of my level

      here are the pics from in side the game


        well i just tested the map the frame rate is down to 22 average across the whole map

        The bots are following the paths pretty well. I will need some advice on the pathing if i did it right or wrong

        In the process of building up the other nodes and getting them ready then i will work on the middle node and release the map for testers.

        I know i will have to fix things after the testing is over

        if you open the map in the editior the compile time for PATH REBUILD is long so testers are recommended to have atleast 2gigs of memory or a very good graphics card at least

        I will be going away on a job for 3-4 day this weekend or the next and then i will be in new york for 15 days so i hope to have the level completed before then if not i will have it done before christmas.

        sorry this is taking awhile to build but im a very busy person in real life and dont have much time to devote to this being so close to Christmas.


          22 F/S? That's pretty bad. I wouldn't play anything that has less than 40 F/S. Have you read that tutorial I gave a link to?
          About the radar I mean that mini map with terrain. I see it's now grayscale, could be coloured. But that needs some Photoshop/GIMP knowledge.

          Also, about the link setup, now I see that the only path that players will use will be 1-7-2 (from the first post), as it takes too long to go anywhere else. So you should unlink 1-7-2 and instead link 4-7-8 - that way each way to victory will be 4 nodes and there won't be any unused nodes.

          And about paths - it seems that it takes a long time to build Reachspecs for you. It's a known problem and solving it is easy: click on a Path Node, right-click, Select->All PathNode, then right click again, Bring to Front. Rebuild and you'll see it takes a lot less time to do. I think that this is because the map stores all the data from the previous path rebuilds and still processes it, even though those paths are no longer there. And by bringing them all to front you clean the cache of all the path nodes. Also, don't forget to do that for RoadPathNodes too. Doing the same with other Navigation Points would be a good idea as well - PlayerStarts, xWeaponBases, WeaponLockers, Health/Shield etc. Chargers and so on. And make sure there are AssaultPath actors where you want them to be - these tell bots "The core is here!", then go with a vehicle there, and only when they touch it they realise that the core is further in and leaves the vehicle. Otherwise they don't even start using the vehicles - they just enter and immediately leave them.


            i did the tutorial and it lowered the frame rate from 30 to 22 i thought a lower frame rate was better
            I was going to change the link setup i played the map a few times and they ignore most of the time the mountain bases

            i will post some screen shots of the Frame rate and of the Anti portals and you tell me if it is ok

            thanks for the tip on the rebuild its down to 3 mins from 15 mins


              You probably did something wrong with zoning. No idea how that could *increase* F/S as zones are non-BSP, same with AntiPortals.
              Basically you have to zone off each of your rooms in your map - create BSP sheets, then Add Special -> Zone Portal. Make sure they cover all of the entrance, if it's a bit bigger then it's no problem. To check if your room is zoned, click on the "Zone" view button above your 3D view window. The colours should be different in each room. And after zoning, remember to add a ZoneInfo into each of your rooms, then open its properties and under ZoneSound find what kind of a room it is. Like, if it's a metal small room, you should select EFFECT_FACTORY_SMALLROOM. Then click New and close the window. This way your map will get EAX support - very nice echoes heard by people who set their Audio to "Hardware 3D Audio + EAX" in their game Audio Options.
              And about AntiPortals, make sure each bigger hill has one, but *only* one. Also make sure people can't actually see them (as they won't render static meshes behind them then), and that they are in the same zone.


                if i link 4-7-8 they will not go to the middle node as that makes it 5 moves instead of 4

                here is the setup with that change


                what about this instead link 5-7-8 / 6-7-8

                that gives this


                Edit: sorry for the number change on the nodes i deleted nodes by mistake and rebuilt the level so its not the same as the first post
                here is a screen shot of that setup
                and here is the new radar map i hope thats better


                  Hmmm, it's unsymmetrical like that and basically blue now has the opportunity to access the middle node faster than red - it's 2 nodes, while red has 3. I suggest something like this (I crossed out one link with red):

                  I see your point though, it would seem that the middle node is not worth taking as that would mean 5 nodes to the enemy. But it actually is worth taking: that way you can isolate up to 2 nodes and instantly get only 1 node to the enemy, while the enemy gets even up to 2 nodes to you. Plus, adding one better vehicle in the middle would make it more favourable. And with 4 connecting nodes, it's not that easy to isolate the middle node.

                  By the way, a good way to test if link setups are good or not is to do it the XceptOne way (his site is down, can't give you a link ). Basically spectate a botmatch, but after starting enter this into the Console: slomo 3.0 This will make everything three times faster and you'll be able to quickly see who's winning. Play like this like 10 times, if the winners are pretty much equal, then the link setup is good.

                  Oh, and the minimap texture is now very nice


                    how come the bots can see and attack me when i cant even see them?


                      If you set them on a high level, they tend to do that. Also they like other cheats, like firing a Goliath even if the cannon is looking at the opposite side or generally just moving faster than a player could.


                        is there a way to make them more human without lowering there skill level?

                        I have a question would you prefer a tournament weapon pickup base with full ammo or have to pick up the ammo?


                          well i did the test and it was not good at all the link setup is good but my bot pathing is very bad bot leave vehicles and travel on foot or they try to clim a hill where there is no paths or they just go in circles and do nothing

                          I just found out about the Review Path option and my god the list is very long i have a lot of learning to do about bot pathing a ONS map it is not that easy

                          edit: What do you guys think should i add exion v3.0 mod so that all the building can be destroyable?

                          Edit2: i need some major help with the bot pathing in the main bases i cant get a white path only green i will upload the map to filefront just ask me for the link to get it

                          this is not for release i still have a lot of work to do on this map i just need help with the bot pathing im doing something wrong but i dont know what it is


                            No, if you choose the bots to be Inhumane then they won't be like humans
                            Weapon Lockers are the best option in these large scale Onslaught maps.
                            As for the paths, here's a full tutorial:

                            However, pathing is basically fixing your previous pathing errors. You have to path the whole map before trying to play with bots. As I have described earlier, the fix for bots immediately leaving vehicles is to add AssaultPaths where ever your white paths end. Set the AssaultPath's option so it's ObjectiveTag matches your node tags (like, blue core would need ONSPowerCoreBlue).

                            As for making the paths white from green, you have to be sure that paths go straight through the middle between two impassable areas, and add a PathNode only where you want your bots to turn.


                              Thanks for the link to the tutorial that helped me out big time i got most of the pathing fixed.

                              Still have a few problems trying to get the green to turn white i hope to have that fixed very soon.

                              I havent really worked on this map that much in the last couple of days i caught my roommates cold and just cant seam to get ride of it.

                              Ok the assault paths do not work at all i have followed the tutorial to the letter and still i get errors every time i review the paths

                              Plus i have looked at other ONS maps and not a single one uses assault paths and they have green paths leading to there cores and the bots have no problem attacking the cores or nodes

                              I dont get it at all why is it that on there maps everything works fine but on mine the bots go crazy and wont attack the core this makes no sense at all. I have a white path going to every node base the only ones that are green are in side the main bases and the mountain bases but i still get this every time i review paths


                                Not true. Open ONS-Torlan, you will see AssaultPaths there. You have to add them once your path turns from white to anything else.
                                As for the warnings about being non-reachable - you might have a path clipped somewhere, but if it's not clipped then just ignore those warnings, just be sure to have AssaultPaths.