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    [WuTz]! Has scriptes a SpeedTree like actor for Unreal Tournament 2004! You need a SkeletalMesh as tree, the branches must be marked with single bones. At each bone will be attached one Sprite which has a leaf texture.


    As already said you need a SkeletalMesh as tree which branches are marked by single bones. In addition you do need of course the script. You have to unzip the archive to your following UT2004 folders:

    WTree2k4.u -> SystemOrdner
    WTree2k4.ukx -> Animations
    WTree2k4.utx -> Textures

    Then you can load the .u file into your ActorClassBrowser:

    The properties of the WTreeActor looks like this:

    1: Here you can give UT the path to your SkeletalMesh
    2: Here you can create different types of leaves, they are spawned randomly to each bone
    3: Here you have to list up each bone where you want to have a leaf (this is not necessary in the UT3 version of WTree)

    Please mention [WuTz]! in the readme of your map/mod when you use WTree!

    For information: A Tree-Package for both versions of WTree is in planning!


    EDIT: Oh my god, i've forgot to post a download link :O

    (the ModDB Team want to check every download before you can download it. I think tomorrow you're allowed to download it!)

    Great work ! . . .


      Do you think trees could be generated procedurally using a fractal pattern?

      Sry, completely off topic I know...

      Great script Unrealer2!


        Originally posted by Shivan Hunter
        Great script Unrealer2!
        Unrealer2 and me are the developers of Tre - The Spreading (Look under Unrealer2's post!) We will use WTree in Tre2. But with SM planes and Material support (UT3) And... He is the Mapper. I am the Coder. Read this:

        Originally posted by Unrealer2
        [WuTz]! Has scriptes a SpeedTree like actor for Unreal Tournament 2004! You need a SkeletalMesh as tree...
        oh! And here is the first treepack:


          Per this link, it looks as though lighting of sprites was completely broken in the UT2kX build of the engine (always full bright).

          This leads to my suggestion. Perhaps you could implement a feature that allows you to specify the 'lightness' of the sprite leaves (say between 0-255) as a variable in the tree and then use that value to create a constant color (shade of gray) to be combined (combiner) with the leaf texture on each tree object (darken?) at runtime (Level.ObjectPool.AllocateObject(class'Combiner') etc.). In this way, even though the sprites are displayed fullbright the texture color could be darkened to allow at least some lighting changes to match the surroundings.