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UT3 Style Mutators for UT2004 [b4 - Pickup & vehicle models!]

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  • #16
    Updated to Beta 1.1:


    * b1.1 Fixed the Shock Rifle bug that prevented it from doing combos.
    * b1.1 The Sniper Rifle no longer creates a smoke screen.

    EDIT: And here's another screenshot that shows you how rapid the Link Gun now fires:


    • #17
      stinger minigun

      mmm.... i test the mutator and is good, but need some fixes. for example, the stinger minigun is mi favorite weapon but for some weird reason, the bots never employ the minigun...
      in other things, personaly, i hate the especial efect from the link gun, is very anoying when a bot push me to the abyss...
      another thing: the armor never apears in my hud...


      • #18
        Yeap, I don't know how to code AI yet...
        And yes, armor doesn't appear in the HUD, but it's there. Forgot to mention in the bugs.


        • #19
          Good project. I'm looking forward to future versions.

          I don't have numbers to prove it but the flak's primary seems to travel too fast. Maybe that's the exit speed in UT3 but the chunks feel a lot slower in UT3. Maybe they are slowed down over time and you forgot that in the UT2004 version?!

          I didn't get to hit someone with the charged biorifle yet but does it have such a huge hitbox as in UT3 too and does it leave the opponent a second to be disintegrated?


          • #20
            It's the same speed here and there. And wearing out is in UT2004 too, though not sure about slowness.

            I didn't change any collisions as there is no collision info in the UT3 source (at least usually). And no, the opponent doesn't "wear green" yet.


            • #21
              hmm, as far as i see on the screenshots, the weapons don't change in first-person view. or is it just that this mutator changes the way the weapons fire?


              • #22
                Like I've said, it changes sounds and the way weapons work.


                • #23
                  As for bots and the minigun, have you messed with the AIRating setting? It's supposed to act like a selection weight for weapons, though I haven't tested it much. Most weapons have around 0.70, Assault rifle has 0.40.

                  Momentum for the Link beam needs to come down, it just pushes people around the map. Did UT3's link even have lockdown?

                  Nice job on the Levi. Good luck with the Hellbender and Scorp.

                  I never expected to see (and hear) UT3 styled respawns for pickups. Good job on that too.


                  • #24
                    I know I should change AIRatings and such, but I don't know the syntax...

                    No, in UT3 people are too heavy to be able to notice that effect.


                    • #25
                      Stinger Minigun's firing sounds.

                      One thing, when I am using the Stinger Minigun's alt-fire, the fire sound (sounds like the stinger minigun winding down) is not like the UT3 version. In speaking, the stinger's alt-projectile impact sounds like the firing sound (I meant alt-fire.).


                      • #26
                        Really? It sounds like I hear it in Beta Demo, maybe it was changed since then?


                        • #27
                          Hey, is this project still being worked on, or is it on hold due to lack of resources? I really like how the weapons work, and the Stinger Minigun works very well (except the altfire bugs me with it being a blue linkgun projectile. But that's just me).

                          I wish I could help with the meshes and animations, but the UT3 editor refuses to open. Maybe it's due to my crappy specs. I dunno.


                          • #28
                            It's active, but I have to set up UnrealScript again after reinstalling, and I'm also working on numerous other projects, one is really interesting and near beta, another one is a mapping project. So I will work on it once I'll have time, and all reports go to the "UT3 Ports?" thread in Mod Ideas.


                            • #29
                              Ah, ok. Thanks for the info.


                              • #30
                                I'm it possible to implement the distortion effect as in UT3? It should be (I think they work by normal maps) but I don't know if UE2 supports it.