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[UT2004] Transport Vehicles for custom Onslaught & Assault maps!

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    [UT2004] Transport Vehicles for custom Onslaught & Assault maps!

    Update! 2/15/04 - APC shots

    Update! 2/14/04 - Dropship


    __________________________________________________ __

    Old info~~~

    Originally started over here to gauge what people thought about the possibility of a dropship and/or ground transport for UT2004 Onslaught & Assault maps. I know the maps coming with retail UT2004 are not designed for the necessity of large group movements, such as these types of transports would provide, but I figured I'd like to take a stab at it. Rens2Sea is also working on this with me, helping to do coding, which I am very weak at. You can read up on everything in the other thread, this one is the development thread now.

    We'll be doing both a dropship & ground transport.

    Thanks for taking a look.

    Dropship Progress

    Old Shots

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    View 2
    View 3

    Looks nice Hope you get good texturing to it. Though by the looks of it it wouldn't fit that many ppl (just my opinnion)


      looks very nice, lots of style there. but really that looks like a 1 manned vehicle to me :weird:


        Sorry I forgot to detail the specs for the dropship! The two side carriages can hold two people each...I'll throw up some more detailed & descriptive pics when I get the chance to explain things a bit better.

        Here's the info from the other thread:


        Possible names: Stormcrow, Falcon, Raven

        The dropship currently is planned to have a 6-person crew:

        1 Pilot
        1 Ball Turret Gunner
        4 Passengers

        The pilot controls the aircrafts movement (thats obvious enough ) but, due to suggestion and thought, the primary fire as a pilot would activate a "magnetic clamping field" where any vehicle positioned behind the dropship would be 'locked' into position to be carried. Alternate fire would turn off the magnetic field, releasing the vehicle to fall down -- height of the dropship wouldn't matter, so you could essentially fly high over an enemy base with a Goliath tank, and drop the sucker right on their heads! :haha:

        The ball turret's arsenal is whats giving me a hard time. Right now I'm thinking of two weapons mounted on the turret:

        1 Generic Minigun
        1 Rocket Propelled Smokescreen Ordinance

        The RPSO (for short) shoots a high velocity rocket that does very little damage, direct or splash, but upon impact releases a large, thick cloud of smoke which lasts 4-5 seconds and then disipates, allow the dropship to offload its cargo with a little more safety because of the smokescreen.

        Ground Transport ("Assault Tram"):

        Possible names: Clydesdale, Armadillo, Razorback, Rhinoceras

        Concept Sketch

        The ground-effect transport has 3 turrets, two on the side (one is hidden on the opposite side in the sketch) and one in the rear. I'm thinking just an anti-personal machine gun style weapon, or perhaps some crazy energy weapon stuff? Not too powerful, of course, but enough to defend itself a little bit. This thing is heavily armored, but slow as all get-up.

        Currently thinking it will hold 8 occupants:

        1 Driver
        3 Turret Gunners
        4 Passengers


          I'd be interested for my Aliens map. :up:


            Originally posted by Fecal Marmaset
            I'd be interested for my Aliens map. :up:

            Ur making an Aliens map? Yay! Let me know when it's done :up:


              That looks **** good. :up:
              Isn't the other one going to be too similar to the Leviathan?


                Originally posted by Fecal Marmaset
                I'd be interested for my Aliens map. :up:

                Whens this Alien map coming out? Been waiting for ages:weird:



                  Originally posted by §uper-]V[oose
                  ...Isn't the other one going to be too similar to the Leviathan?
                  The idea behind the ground transport (assault tram or APC) is essentially a troop transport with very very limited offensive capabilities in and of itself. The 3 manable turrets are there for basic defense only. Once we get it ingame and start fiddling with the actual numbers, the guns should be like toned down versions of the minigun: slower rate of fire, but added knockback, and decent enough damage. They should really only pose a threat to an underprepared single soldier. It's not there to obliterate everything (that's the Leviathan's job), it's there to get troops to an area safely enough and in a large enough quantity.

                  This is going from memory, but for reference, I believe the Raptor has 300 HP, the Goliath 800 HP, and the Leviathan 4000 HP. With those for reference, I'm thinking the APC would have 2000 HP and the dropship would have 1400 HP.

                  More pictures coming soon btw...



                    Whens this Alien map coming out? Been waiting for ages
                    Sorry man, the usual excuses. :sour:

                    I recently had to re-structure the whole thing....for optimization.

                    Now i'm thinking of turning it into an assault map....thus the dropship.


                      They took my screen



                        Nice red x :bulb:


                          Originally posted by Fecal Marmaset
                          ...Now i'm thinking of turning it into an assault map....thus the dropship.
                          Awesome! That's exactly what this project is for! I know it's not exactly like the ones in Aliens, but I think it's UT-ish enough that it'll fit.

                          Here are some really quick shots to show the scale and explain a few things. I apologize for their crappiness. I just imported the mesh into Electric Fields to get a sense of scale.

                          ^^^ In this shot above, I empasized the openings in red w/ white trim. Also, in this shot you can see the rear landing skid, since it would be quite off balance with just the two I had before.

                          ^^^ This one I just highlighted the geometry to show the scale.

                          I think the scale is going to be a bit smaller...perhaps 50% the size it was in these shots, I'm unsure.

                          - LegionaireJoe


                            whooo thats a great model, maybe a bit to big :c)

                            but i like it waiting for a awsome skin !


                              It's definately much too big. Everyone on the map will be shooting that thing. Looks like you could fit 12 people into each cargo hold. If it's designed for two, make it the size of two. Dropships aren't designed with leg-room in mind

                              So I say you should scale it down until two players can barely fit in a cargo hold.