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CTF-Sarcina [BETA] - Updated v3

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    CTF-Sarcina [BETA] - Updated v3

    Here's my first attempt at UED3. I know it's a cliche but has to be said to excuse the mediocre quality of the map!

    It's a CTF map based on Antalus and Sepukku Gorge.

    *EDIT* Download Final Version *EDIT*

    (These are about a week old, but you get the idea).

    I've tried optimising it, had moderate sucess with this in areas.

    I've bot pathed it, but they don't seem to use one of the assault paths I want them to

    I've played with various locations for the weapons and pickups. I think it gives it some flow (maybe?).

    Please let me know what you think.

    *Removed beta link *

    I haven't downloaded it, but I'm going to comment on the screenshots. I think what you really need to work on is your lighting... it looks to be lit almost entirely by ambient light. Get shadows in there, contrast, etc. I can see the red and blue in the bases, which is a start, now work on the rest. =]

    Oh, and by the way. You said you tried optomizing it, but... if you were usinng zone portals, I don't think that'd work. They're for BSP. Try putting anti-portals in alot of those rock meshes, it might help.


      I just experimented with the lighting a little bit. There are some lights scattered around outside the bases. Sunlight looked wrong on it from above, so I moved it around and found that putting it nearer the ground made the rocks light up from below. But maybe that does look rubbish!

      There are no zone portals, I figured they were for BSP. There are anti-portals in the rock meshes as you say, and I've trimmed a load of the terrain away outside of the map as well.


        Good work.Shows a nice scale and looks like it has good flow and excelent for a first attempt.

        The lighting ( as said above) is what lets it down appearnace wise. Perhaps the zone lighting came from when adding the terrain, you know giveing the terrain a zone light so you could see it, a lot of tuts suggest this. Try toning it down and introducint some nice kights and watch this turn into something a lot nicer to look at.

        Keep it up.


          I've updated the lighting now.

          Wolv34ine, you're probably right about the terrain and lighting thing. I went back and checked and none of the lights I added made a blind bit of difference.

          I also think I buggered up the mylevel package on the last one, which means that it probably didn't work which probably means no one tried it

          **** EDIT : beta 3 below ****


            Much better!
            Its good to be right..even if it is only occasionally


              I've updated this due to some feedback I've had.

              I've repathed the bots. They do almost everything I wanted them to do except use multuple routes back with the flag, they only seem to use 2 of them.

              I've added lights to each side of the map to indicate which base you're in.

              The only other changes are with some of the static meshes. I've moved/rotated them slightly to make it easier for the bots to do double jumps and not get caught on the edges so much.

              Here are the latest screen shots :

              Download here


                Nice job :up:


                  CTF-Sarcina [FINAL]

                  I've released the final version of this, after not really touching it for a few months.

                  Changes since I last posted :

                  - Made base lighting less intense
                  - Added team banners
                  - Reworked pool to make more visible
                  - Added base for jump pads
                  - Various other minor fixes



                    Much better, definately worth the revisit to get these things right. I would have started a new thread though. This is OLD!

                    I didnt know who had been using my id to post when I first saw this. Lol.