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    The inner cirkle off hell is for murderers...
    but since the tournament started, hell was full, and the humans built something similair, called "room of doom.

    this is my first map, and it was only a little project for learning how to use unrealeditor, but i liked playing it. there is only 1 problem: some walls are (half) appearing black. anyway, if u know something that could be done better, say it.

    -added lightning.

    to do before next release:
    -add description
    -add pictures (for in the menu)

    link to download:
    download here!

    overview from the editor.

    in game screenie with use of screenie mode;P

    aww, one of the screenies doesn't work! well, you may be able to find it.

    Looks ok =) Maybe a bit less structure and patterns on the walls. But thats my opinion =)


      Your map seriously needs lighting NOW! Right click on a light source -> Add Light -> Remove Unlit flags from surfaces -> Rebuild.


        working on the lighting now, only having trouble with some walls that just don't want to show themselves.


          Hmm, could you give us a screenshot? UnrealEd screenshot would be even better.


            there are 2 screenshots with lighting, these are with the updated links. the second one does not work good, but it is the second screenie from the right on the page it opens.


              Nice little map


              EDIT: BTW, does this map have bot nodes?



                You forgot to rebuild lighting. You added too many lights trying to compensate, so here's what it looks like after being rebuilt:

                You need to remove most of those lights on the floor. Of the ones you keep, you need to raise them up so they light properly.

                The level is badly aligned. This is especially important in a small map like this because any slight change on either base could potentially give the opposite team an advantage. Especially in the case of turrets, since line-of-sight is important. I'd also suggest changing those to energy turrets so they can't target nodes, or be operated by the enemy team.

                Oh, and almost forgot, your node setup isn't stored in the level, so the cores won't show up unless someone uses the link designer. You need to export those and put them in your level.


                  making a new version wich gives none of the sides an advantage, and has only 2 nodes, but i can't find the energy turrets in the actor browser.


                    new version uploaded, it only needs a description and some nice pictures. the map itrself is done.