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    Hi, I'm Daniel. Ever since the accident, well, lets just say I haven't used the hands on approach.


      *falls over* He looks like a paperdoll cut out ! I'm sorry ! lol but he does !


        I agree. All of these models are very low poly.

        I switched Daniel from his original model (hat and glasses) to O'Neill's because the original was even worse. He came apart at the seams with just about any movement


          I've posted a beta here (SG1_2.1):


          From the readme:

          SG1 update beta 1 by Jefe
          version: 2.1

          What you're getting, and some notes:

          This model pack was originally created for Half-Life mod, StargateTC. The models were ported to UT2003 by Tunisao. It was repackaged for UT2004 (but not otherwise updated) by killer909. I fixed and updated many of the textures, creating team skins where possible. This also required minor updating of the animation file, because of the method used by the creators to texture the models. However, I have no experience with modeling, so I haven't updated the many issues with the models and their animations.


          Carter, O'Neill (no team skins)


          Jackson: Made a new face texture, which works on both the original 'Jakson' model and the O'Neill model. Since there were so many problems with the Jackson model, I made the O'Neill model the primary model for Jackson. Beside the 'thumb' texture which covers the hands, left the other textures unchanged. Limited 4 player team skins (face only, bandana variant only.)

          System Lord: Updated all the body textures to darken them and make them look more like gold. Body now uses shaders for metallic effect. I also experimentally deleted the pupils from the face to enhance the glowing eyes effect. Limited 4 player team skins.

          'Anubis' (Horus Guard) and 'Snake' (Serpent Guard): Updated all the body textures in the same way as the System Lord. Also updated the upl to fix an error in the original version. Limited 4 player team skins. (Shoulders and skirt for Horus Guard. Head, shoulders and skirt for Serpent Guard.)

          Tealc: Created new camoflage skin for Tealc, with team skins. Also smoothed out the face texture. The original texture had some errors on the feet, which i fixed in all versions. 4 player team skins (camo variant only.)

          Known Bugs:

          Numerous. Teamskins are incomplete. So are player portraits. The models tear and contort but this has no effect on gameplay.


            I've started working on player portraits. While I was doing that, I noticed that systemlord's face texture was badly misaligned, which added to the cartoon-like look. The eyes were out of proportion, and ears were completely below where they should have been on the model. As you can see in this preview, I've fixed those errors, and he looks a bit more like something you'd see on SG1.

            I originally thought that this was a horus guard, which looks similar.


              Those are great updates. You have taken the model pack to a whole new level. I will have to check them out ASAP. Are your portrait and alignment fixes included in version 2.1?


                Those fixes won't be out till the next update. I don't think I'm going to do anything else to the pack beside finishing portraits and making better team skins for the jaffa (I used a bit of a quick hack instead of actual changed textures.) I can't think of a better way to make team skins for O'Neill since he's limited in the same way as Jackson (glove and face only can be team skinned.) O'Neill's face texture is already pretty decent, so I don't think I'm going to change it.

                Originally I thought that Carter used two textures, but she actually uses 3 (head, boots, and body) and unfortunately the body texture isn't set up to be used as team skin. I don't see any non-ridiculous way to update her with team skins either.

                Ultimately, I'm not completely satisified with this pack. I've done the best I can, but I can't change the fact that these are very primitive models, with all kinds of rigging problems. If someone wants to fix the models up, I'd be willing to reskin more completely.


                  A Goauld with glowing eyes! Impossible? Proof in the video!


                    Looks good Jefe. Is there a way to toggle the eyes so that they light up at certain times? Goa'ulds could make their eyes momentarily light to intimidate. It might be cool if it was controllable, as a taunt or such. Here is the best [among bad examples] on youtube


                      It's not possible (that I know of) to have a texture controlled by a taunt, which is the method i used. I think it's possible to make eyes change at fixed rate by making a scrolling texture mask or a material sequence, but it would be difficult to pull off believably. I'm satisfied with them staying lit up.

                      Now if this were a model made from scratch, it would be possible to make them light up when you taunt. You'd make an eyelid that stays hidden behind the the rest of the mesh, and animate it so that it only comes out when you want it to. It could be triggered by taunting, taking damage, firing weapons, anything you could make an animation for.

                      It's funny that I know exactly how I would do it, but I don't know how to model.


                        Yea, but what if someone did make a Goa'uld, and was able to hand it off to you to animate and rig? Is that a do-able option?


                          The majority of my UT2004 work thus far has been with photoshop and Unreal Ed, in other words, textures and mapping. I don't know how to animate or rig models, or have any of the necessary programs.


                            Posted version 3 in the full release forum: