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SG1 Models Pack (Re-Released)

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    SG1 Models Pack (Re-Released)

    Name: SG1 Models Pack (Re-Released)
    Version: Re-Release Version 2.1
    Compatibility: Built for a HL Mod, Ported to UT2003, works with UT2004

    This model pack was originally created for Half-Life mod, StargateTC. The models were ported to UT2003 by Tunisao. It was repackaged for UT2004 (but not otherwise updated) by Killer909. Jefe fixed and updated many of the textures, creating team skins where possible. This also required minor updating of the animation file, because of the method used by the creators to texture the models.

    This package contain the following player models...

    Jackson (Low Res)
    Jackson (Higher Res)
    Jackson (Higher Res With Hat)
    Carter (Low Res)
    Oneill (Higher Res)
    Teal'c (Low Res)
    Teal'c (Low Res With Team Colors)
    Horus Guard (Higher Res)
    Serpent Guard (Higher Res)
    "System Lord" (Yellow, Higher Res)

    Here is the folder layout...

    Extract SkinSg2.utx to UT2004/Textures
    Extract aaabetaSG1.upl to UT2004/System
    Extract Sg1models2.ukx to UT2004/Animations

    You can also now delete the files from the previous version.

    Comments: See The Readme File


    Teal'c in central hall of mothership.

    Serpent Guard ready for standoff near ring room of mothership

    Serpent Guard ready for standoff near ring room of mothership

    Horus Guard in combat near central hall of mothership.

    Note: Screenshots were taken from the Goa'uld Mothership beta post. Most SG1 related maps shown on youtube use this package. More photos below.

    Credits: I (Killer909) Posed this file/thread but did not create these models. The original author is Tunisao who can no longer be contacted. Jefe updated some of the textures and fixed several bugs.

    Homepage: Unreliable/out of date info: HERE
    Download: DOWNLOAD HERE 7.4 MB ZIP

    Some photos posted on the old site:






    Serpent Guard

    "System Lord"


      Wow cool, thank you !


        wow I will try out !

        thank you for nice model pack !


          In my opinion, photos plastered on faces are kinda...
          what's the word... Let's just say that it doesn't look right to me.

          But other than that, it's good. Textures seem to be missing from a few.


            I had seen these some time ago and declined dowloading them because of the blockiness of the models. The SG1 team looks pretty decent, but the other characters look very amateurish. I believe they had been created for Half Life 1 and the ported to UT2003, the reason for the blockiness and low texture quality.

            Even though this is intended to be a simple re-release, there are some basic (and relatively easy) things that can be done to improve them. In order of complexity:
            *Condense all of the UPLs to one file
            *Edit the UPL file to add some data for accuracy and bot behavior. In other words, give them personalities.
            *create biographies for the characters
            *chage the textures from world detail to player skin detail
            *Create team skins (4-team colors is fairly standard now)
            *better portraits

            More complicated:
            *(as you mentioned) Upgrade the look of the Jaffa and Goauld characters. The Jaffa would look better with a metal shader, and anything would be an improvement for the System Lord character.
            *Rework the models so the are less blocky.

            I suppose I could take a stab at some of the improvements I talked about.


              I whipped up two quick team skins for T'ealc:


                More screens:

                Jaffa armor has a more metallic appearance.

                Systemlulz. Still bright yellow, I'm thinking of editing his textures so he looks like he's actually wearing gold armor instead of a shiny yellow pantsuit.

                Tealc's new camo skin. Note the fixed textures on the feet. I've also fixed the feet on the old skin as well.

                There will be a problem with team skins on everyone but Tealc and Carter because of the way the textures are mapped onto the models. Instead of using the standard two textures, the other models use four or five small textures to create the skin. The Jaffa will look like this:

                Not perfect, but gets the job done. Unfortunately, Jackson and O'Neill have their thumbs designated as their body skins, so no teams skins for them. That just leaves Carter. I really don't like her model since the proportions are so cartoonish, but I think I'll whip up something for her as well for the sake of completeness.

                P.S. The map is an early version of the Temple from GoldenEye I'm working on. It's an update to the very old beta version by Stigmat that was never finished.


                  I can't get the models to show up for demo and regular play. Have I "flailed" again? Jefe can I link to your revised edition of this pack please? Also if lopar isn't too busy with other projects maybe he might be able to whip up a small but fun sg1 vp for the team? If he's not already knee deep in projects.


                    Jade, I should have something ready to download in the next few days. Lopar made a Jack O'Neill voicepack a long time ago. You can download it here:


                      Cool now all we need is Carter, Jackson and T'ealc and your revisions and it will be the perfect pack.


                        here is an improved shot of our ugly Goauld friend:


                          Face is much better, can we do something about the eyes though? They really kinda creep me out.


                            BUGGY EYES!


                              I'm going to find something to do with his face. He's supposed to have glowing Goauld eyes but they look more like Homer Simpson's. The only problem is that the more I work on skins for this pack, the more the various errors and limitations of the models become apparent. Unfortunately, I haven't done any work with modeling programs, so I'm not currently capable of fixing all the issues with these models.