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a n00b's first map(TM)- DOM-1on1-Boxes

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    a n00b's first map(TM)- DOM-1on1-Boxes


    A VERY small DOM map. v0.9.

    Makes for very fast-paced action. Also, I used the "Mod map" Icon as suggested by Flak because there was no "Map-DOM" icon- this is pure UT, no extras.

    Only one weapon, a Shock Rifle in the center. This can be customized using the 'Arena' mutator (duh).

    Also, fully pathed- bots function properly (at least I hope they do). So test it out and report any bugs!

    Known problems so far: In the bases, a player can double jump up to the DOM point from the ramp. However, I haven't added paths for those yet.
    Also, there is no path leading to the shield in the bottom area. UED3 simply will not generate a working one because of the cramped area. Hopefully will be fixed before full release.
    Sometimes bots will not make good game-related decisions, such as going for one DOM point when they're on the wrong side of the map.

    Problem concerning screenshots: they don't fully match the map. There are two DOM monitors on the top walls that it doesn't show and they don't display the shock rifle.

    umm... hello?


      There is no gameplay to speak of, but the map is visually pleasing...

      Also, there is a package missing.


        Which package? I have the Anthology, which version do you have?


          The JumpShipObjects package, a static mesh package.


            Hmmm... I used extensively from that package, I don't think I can do much but put it up for download, if that's ok with Epic... I think it comes with AS-BP2-Acatana as well. That came in the Anthology. My other map will have the same problem.

            [EDIT] I can't find the single map anywhere and can't put it up for download since it's an Epic asset, but you could get it and all the other BP2 maps from the UT2004 mega pack. The mesh should come with it. Personally I recommend the Mega Pack to anyone who can DL it anyway, because it comes with some excellent meshes.