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ONS-Skodia Alpha [Early Screens] [No D/L]

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    ONS-Skodia Alpha [Early Screens] [No D/L]

    Map Name: ONS-Skodia
    Author: Josh 'y2xtreme' Watterson
    Gametype: Onslaught
    Player Count: 10-20 its quite large yet confined
    Description: A chemical development facility (cliche i know) in a rainforest hide away, converted to an ONS arena for the tournament.

    I have been mapping since 2004 i think, but i have only released one map 'dm-heidenrich' which was a disgrace if i say so myself, most of my maps have just been for my mates and myself to play. I feel though that this map has potential and i would like it to live up to it.

    Now I have been working on this map for around 3 months now and have nearly finished the basic layout(it has changed so much since first draft), at the moment it is a mainly indoors ONS Map with just the 2 powercores, but i may change it to CTF depending on everyones opinion or more likely post both versions. Here are just a few screens that i have put together, obviously there is no lighting and texturing is pretty random but it's just to let u get a feel for the level. There will be a download coming soon aswell which will let u all get a feel for the gameplay.

    Here are the screens
    Control Room

    Processing Room

    Corridor Blue

    View of Forest

    Credits Go to pretty much everyone on these forums because more than likely u have helped me with something over these years lol

    Cool. Looks very nice. The processing room looks neat