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[MAP:BR] Legacy [DONE(I hope :P)]

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    oh man, maybe I should make a ****ing map for this level, no one can figure out where the hell to go, lol.

    And beleive me, i'll be adding more detail.....


      It's not that hard to learn the map layout

      Oh, GJ on the map dude, it's great :up:


        On the whole, a great achievement!

        I have a few suggestions:

        I think there needs to be more outside “decoration” in the way of rocks and trees. I remember in the other thread that the reason for this was that the map was supposed to be at high-altitude, but in its current incarnation I think that the map doesn’t feel “imposing” enough when you are outside, and there are precious few “natural markers” to let you know at a glance your location on the terrain.

        Just a personal preference, but I would love to see a mountainous sky-box rather than just the clouds. I really like the idea of playing at the foot of some huge mountain, and it would give the outside area more character I think.

        Concerning the caves themselves, I think that there need to be more “exits” rather than just the teleporter and a deft ability to use the translocator to get out through the holes. Considering their depth, perhaps jump-pads might form part of the solution? Also, getting into the teleporter is a bit of a tight-squeeze, and better lighting near the bridges leading up to the jump-pad in each cave would be wonderful.

        That’s all, and keep up the great work! :up:


          Just a personal preference, but I would love to see a mountainous sky-box rather than just the clouds. I really like the idea of playing at the foot of some huge mountain, and it would give the outside area more character I think.

          I would have to agree totally... and maybe make those rocks and stuff a WHOLE LOT BIGGER.. really make it feel intimidating when ur outside, make it really feel like a valley in the mountains and your just a speck in the perverbial scheme of things

          just like moose's wee wee.... he didn't like my wonderful ideas



            That wasn't sarcasm. :sour:


              Legacy Review

              Intro : Some cave, yes...some cave

              Size: Medium
              Size for the game-type: Good
              Unzipped essential file(s) size: 45Mb's (Very Huge)
              Worth the size: Quite...

              -Stunning graphics
              -Great shortcuts
              -Nice design&good idea.
              -Bots generally perform good and weapon placement is very decent.

              -Frames are awefull.
              -Bots not fully believable.
              -Size (in Mb's) are huge!

              ---(5+Ok,6+Nice,7+ Good,8+ Very good,9+ No Way!,10+ NO!)---
              Graphics : 8.5/10: Mindbogling, superb...etc, all words to describe these graphics, although it does lag even outside...if Antalus can do it i'm sure this map can 2...
              Gameplay : 9/10 : Great conscept, good use of shortcuts and "backalleys", greatly done, maybe a bit "to" hard but easy to learn to the maps layout.
              Detail : 9/10: You can see little bits of water near the tree's roots, just 1 of the many little details in there...even after 20 minutes I constantly found new stuff, either graphical or gameplay effective.
              Weapon placement and A.I : 8.5/10 : Very solid but when you are on the tree and they fall down from the cave they don't pass, that could be a killer tactic, sadly un-usable with bots...they do though interact wonderfully with the water.
              Music/Sounds : 8/10 : Sounds are somewhat disapointing, you don't hear birds singing outside and the tree (as seen in several cartoons) "breath"...doesn't "feel", the music is good and very solid though.

              Overall : 43/50 : 8.5/10 (Very-Good/No Way!) : A keeper (and unquestionably OWNAGE!) if not for these 4 thing ->

              1-Increase the FPS.(By using those green things, forgot they're name :/)
              2-Add more sound FX.
              3-Add slighty more bot intelligence.
              4-Skip some stuff to decrease file size.


                Legacy suggestions

                The Layout is good, but i have a few suggestions.

                1/ Add more exits to the underground cave. with only 1 teleporter in each base, you have only 1 route to the ball. A couple of capable players would be able to block the oposite team without any problem. (waiting for them outside). When there is only 1 escape route, you have a spam map.

                Add another teleporter and maybe a jumpad to go in the upper clearing. Having a jumpad would make it fun too, because you would have quite a long flight.

                2/ The sniper gun should be placed on a high spot. So you can use it right away. Maybe switch the Shock Rifle and the Sniper would work.

                3/ Place the ball spawnpoint in the middle of the outside area. Not because you can't find it as it is now, but because it makes more sense.

                4/ The Ion Painter should be placed outside (In a secret spot). (you can't use it in the caves!) Place a Redeemer instead in the caves.


                  No kiddin you cant use it the caves :P That way people cant abuse the superweapons on the map, they are cheap peices of hardware from what im concerned.....


                    Hmm yust played that map....

                    But why dont i like it :haha:

                    Well nice ideas in design etc :up: but i dont like to play it...


                      Been playing a few times this map now, it looks great but doesent play well like a BR map should. Everything about the graphics and design has been said so no need to repeat =)


                        map plays smooth for me, no studdering. idea and atmosphere are awesome and original. only thing i would change if it was my map would be to make the outside alittle bigger with more places to go, more paths tunnels etc... long straight cavern hallways do need alittle work and mabey a couple more ways out of the cavern then the 1 teleport... good job though


                          Ok here is what I decided. What im gonna do is completely re-do the map. Yes, I know... im insane/ludicrous/whatever, but im just not happy with the map, and I feel I could have made it alot better one if I had all the knowledge I have about the editor I do now. It's gonna take awhile, and im not gonna start any new threads untill I feel the map is somewhat near completion, but im gonna promise it's gonna run alot better on your machines (alot of people complained about pausing issues, I found the source) and im gonna promise it's gonna look ****ing incredible. Im also gonna fix alot of issues that made the gameplay pretty crappy (like the fact that your basically a limbless floating duck waiting to be pumped full of bullets once you fall into the water with the ball)

                          Anyways, thats all.


                            Good look to ya.


                              More power to ya!


                                Everytime I play the map i luv it more and more and i found something new hehe :P