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[MAP:BR] Legacy [DONE(I hope :P)]

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    [MAP:BR] Legacy [DONE(I hope :P)]

    Alright guys, here is the finished version. This map took a wee bit longer than I though it would. Mostly because I mis-judged the ammount of time that goes into making a map. Also, I noticed there is a bit of stuttering during gameplay, it seemed to dissapear alot after playing the map a few times, let me know how it goes for you.

    Credits go to:

    Starsky Partridge from Digital Extremes for the unreleased music track included "Level11" which im not gonna let anyone know how I got :P

    Tweak Fragger for doing bug testing

    And Lemon for the really cool map description

    If anyone feels I left them out, tell me

    HERE is the download, have fun

    Downloading now


      YEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! finnaly. ive been waiting such a long time for this. thank you.


        omfg :bulb:


        ok some feedback . . . yeah, fps issues, and odd "pausing" like the guy below says . . . huge demands on RAM im guessing, leads to massive usage of the page file :\

        Suprisingly playable though for the lod lol

        consider adding more . .. atmosphere, depth, thought, to the thin hallways that line the bases . .. the rubble that lies on the ground in them looks forced and out of place . .. also sometimes the lifts ***** up and when you are going up you get caught on a protruding brick . .thats a HUGE no no in maps

        uh flow is of course VERY z oriented, very unique, interesting, and difficult to control

        Good Job Radeon :up:

        You got a very nice map here, consider a second release of it though :up:


          The map looks great, it is really well done. Unfortunately the frequent pausing makes it unplayable. The fps were decent throughout the map too. Great Map, just fix the pausing and it will be one of the best.


            I have waited long, now I will play.

            Feedback soon.


              Your bombing run map is missing the most important thing, the bomb.


                Yeah i couldnt find the bomb either *sniff* maybe im not looking hard enough, but i couldnt find it.

                REALLY good level, maybe a ledge there or here towards the top of the cavern for snipers maybe? or to guard the hole?

                Beautiful map,love the looks, i get a o.k fps on it, not the best, not the worst (30-40 fps on the map, never goes over 40 when im outside)

                Good map


                  Are you telling me he forgot the ball !!!OMG !!


                    Use your BR-Radar and you will find the bomb without any problem. The fps are very good, the game play is very good, but the frequent pausing is very annoying.

                    512 PC133
                    TI 4200 128MB


                      Nah you guys are just blind :P Maybe I should have put up some signs though, I thought that might be a problem.......

                      Also, there is nothing I can really doing about the pausing issue, but as I said, the more you play the map, the less it happens, I used to get tons of it in Face3, now it's pretty much gone, I rarely get any now.


                        yeah i just found the ball, it is **** hard to find because it is tucked away (its next to one of the Flak Cannons)

                        Whats BR Radar?

                        and wouldnt it be wise to relocate the Bomb to a different place? somewhere easier for both teams to get to? Maybe the middle? Or to make it a little more challenging by putting it into a pit in the middle?

                        Oh and i get NO pauses what so ever, just a crappy FPS.

                        EDIT: Sorry to nitpick, but the music doesnt seem to suit this map, well to me it doesnt, the music seems to suit a industrial tech styled map, not a beautiful cavern and what not. Sorry to nit pick =/ maybe you could use the Tokara Forest Music or something. Well its upto you, music isnt a BIG thing really. Nethertheless, nice map.


                          I'm not too keen on this map, space usuage seems pretty inefficent. Art looks nice enough though. It flows smooth but studders horribly on my well optimized good computer (highest details on many settings 512mb RAM).

                          There isn't much flow at all, there is no logical path to follow to take you from the ball to the goals (I couldn't even find the blue goal, although I did explore a lot in the overworld).

                          If the level sprawled with tunnels and walkways it would be much more interesting too, but that is in adea for a future map... Also more transporters and passage ways to and from the underworld would be excellent.

                          One final note would be an original theme such as a lava pit, a forested tunnel, a mineshaft, or somesuch as the theme for the level, since all these underground levels look like 'UT2003 underground' levels (the grass, wall textures and such, but I see a bit of work was done to aid that).


                            BR-Radar is located at the top of your screen. Just keep the ball at high noon and you'll be heading for it. Radeon285, I will monkey with my settings and see if i can clear up the pausing. I will also try the 41.09 drivers. I'm using 41.04 maybe that'll help.


                              I'm using 42.01 drivers, DX9, P4-2aGHz, Geforce 4-4600, 512MB RAM,

                              anyways, I get 11100+ 3dmarks 2001SE330, and perform very well in UT2k3.

                              [edit : high framerate massive studdering.]