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DM-1on1-MountainGlen_v1 [Beta 3]*UPDATE*

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    Oh good. That clarifies it a lot. Thanks!


      UPDATE: New version, with two variations. Includes winter and night versions. Details on first post.


        Hmm, where are the details in the first post?


          Sorry about that. Had to eat dinner. They should be there now.


            Don't download, there was a problem with the maps. I'll fix it. The fixed download should be up in about 15 minutes or so.

            (EDIT)Download is up.


              Very very nice. I really love the atmosphere in all three of them. I'm impressed that the night version turned out as well as it did (I was afraid it was truly going to be running around blind in the dark), but visibility was just right. The sky boxes (and reflections) look fantastic. Technically I did not notice anything game breaking and the bots ran around quite well (though you might want to make a preview shot for the map selection menu). Now on to my suggestions....

              These are things are just my opinion, but I think they might help a bit.
              -Day/Night versions: Add some plants/bushes around the map. It would help introduce some more 'texture' to the play area and provide some nice visual concealment. Also if you could find some sort of flowering grass/plant thing (kind of like those in UT3 or Angelheart's map DM-Highlander) to add as a deco layer that would also help increase the immersion as it being a mountain glen imho (catails around the pond?). Let me know if you are interested as a I can probably help put some decos together for the map. Day version could stand to have its zone ambient brightness increased a bit (tree trunks still super dark). If you are worried about shadows being lost, just use some projectors for the tree shadows.

              -Snow version: very good atmosphere (good texture usage as well). I guess depending on how 'thick' you assumed the snow to be you could always add some frosted grass as a deco layer, otherwise no comments (nice frozen pond/zone friction btw).

              -All three versions: I personally still feel that the middle area is bit too open (too easy to track players running across the center. One or two large rock piles/meshes (like that overused rock pile mesh from UT3) could really help increase the strategy in the map and allow players to double back around and try and sneak up on each other.


                Thanks for the suggestions!

                1: Even if it was a bit too dark, You could always use the YARM flare thingy to light it up a bit.

                2: I'll think about the decos. I haven't really found any good ones, but I suppose I should look around harder.

                3: Thanks. I had a lot of fun with the friction changes, and it's a great time waster just sliding around. And I use a frozen grass type mesh already for the weapon pickups, not to mention it seems a bit contradictory to have all the terrain completely snow covered yet grass is sticking out.

                4: Part of the reason the middle is open is to make it a bit more dangerous to go for the rocket launcher. But the map kinda feels a bit crowded already with all the trees.


                  2. I'll be posting a remake of the COD4 map shipment in the next two weeks to go along with my YARM mod, it has a nice custom plant deco that could work well in your map. I'll post a pic later on.

                  3. The grass/brush thing poking through snow just came to mind because we had some snow here last week (only a couple of inches), just enough to make everything white but not enough to really weigh plants down too much. Maybe you could make one of the trees just stick branches for some visual variation.

                  4. That makes sense. I was just trying to figure ways to break up the sight lines a bit more. Maybe "bunching" the tree together would help, that way less crowded yet there are still some ways to hide/duck from view.


                    Could you please reupload the link? This map looks really cool.


                      Heh, sorry for not paying attention to the forums.

                      Here's a new version, with some major changes (new area in map, deco layers, better background, etc.)



                        This is a great map! Nice work!