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[MOD BETA] King Of The Server

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  • [MOD BETA] King Of The Server

    Hi there!

    We have just released our mod as a public beta test for everyone to enjoy! The mod adds a twist of RPG to UT2003, you have a permanent character (saved and playable across all our servers), and is based on a points system. You get points for your frags, and when you have earnt enough you gain a level. You are then given permanent upgrades to your character (and in future releases you can choose them to suit yourself). The players across all our servers can be ranked against each other, so you have the incentives of getting stronger, and being the best - the King of the Server!

    Check out a full review on us at (they are hosting a UK server for us and are great to work with!) - and check out our site at

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    can we have some feedback?


    • #3
      sounds like fukking ownage to me!! :up:


      • #4
        i will try it, but will you guys be getting any US servers going??

        (pleez? )


        • #5
          So the guy with the highest level is basically unbeatable due his stats?


          • #6
            LOL.. Was looking at your URL :P Kots means Puke in Holland

            Oh well.. Ontopic
            Adding some RPG to UT2003 is always welcome


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              Download the installer package for the beta here.

              The guy with the highest level will be hard to beat, but, if you do beat em, you'll get A LOT of points for it.

              Like a dragon is hard to slay but is worth a lot of experience. Think RPG


              • #8
                VoiDs server is US

                we are looking for larger US hosts


                • #9
                  Wow, a ranking system which updates, Epic could learn a thing or two from you guys

                  Kots, UT2003's first MMOFPS


                  • #10
                    Beta 1.1 (Edmond Jr) was released yesterday, get it here.

                    And 1.2 is already on my harddisk, needs some more testing and little tweaks, then Edmond the 2nd (or Bernard, not sure) will be available for download.

                    Changes include a much improved auto login system that is capable of remembering multiple characters, an automatic login prompt for those who do not use this feature, and servers remembering what players were on the previous game, and not requiring login if they rejoin within 30 seconds.

                    And a bunch of security improvements, a bugfix in the score calculating argorithm (to most people's advantage!), and 3 verbose levels instead of two, and and and and...


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                      Beta 1.2 ready, get it over there

                      Not all servers updated yet btw.


                      • #12
                        And we're up to 1.3!


                        for server admins and advanced users (small)

                        Check out the KotS Website for the changelog and more info.

                        1.4 will have bigger changes, as in the whole menu, player aura's and possibly an on-player level indicator. Might also implement direct client-gds communication.


                        • #13
                          And i'm going to start playing now. Just to test though, 56k modem from Australia . I've got the only house on the street that can't have broadband:cry: :cry: :cry: )


                          • #14
                            Agh, Void need to update his server :cry: It's the only one I get decent pings on.


                            • #15
                              Hasnt he yet? Hmm, i feel an irc slapping comming up