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    uploading pics help

    does anybody know a good Free Easy to use picture host, so i can post some pictures of the map ive made.

    Also is there a good place where i could upload my map file, so people can download it?



      Free map hosting @ UTCMS

      You can upload your work to UTCMS. The site will sort your files out into a database and they will be available almost immediately - it only takes about 1 minute/10 megabytes to process.

      After your map is uploded there are many preview and other neat services available at UTCMS including but not limited to:
      - screenshot previews from level info
      - hot-linkable download service (getright compatible)
      - hot-linkable screenshot service
      - automatic recording of when the map has been played on a server

      hot-linkable means that you can put a screenshot on your own site. The only "annoying" thing is the small "Furpile" logo on the top right corner of the image. The extracting system is designed in such a way that most sites accept them as links - although script based, these look like ordinary files. Same story also applies to the download service. The zip files have a comment embedded in them (the material is intact). For more information look at UTCMS Documentation.

      And - further more - UTCMS is fully independent, non-commercial site so you will not be looking at a lot of banners or other funny stuff so common on leech sites today. The download speed is far from fast (10...50kb/sec) but is starts immediately after clicking the link. A good headstart and the low speed is actually not an issue if you can leave the rig on with some good download manager - like Getright.

      Have fun !