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Segmented downloads (Getright compatible) @ UTCMS

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    Segmented downloads (Getright compatible) @ UTCMS

    After I downloaded the Getright download manager I immediately noticed that my site was not compatible with it. If you had installed that piece of software you actually could NOT download anything from UTCMS - with Getright that was.

    After few hours of painful browsing through documentation and a few hopeless (not to say desperate) attempts to get the CGI and Apache get married with Getright I decided that this way was a dead end.

    So - I wrote a tiny new web server which supports the segmented downloads. Here are the resulting goodies:
    - segmented downloads are now supported
    - full recovery from aborted downloads

    Each user (IP address) has 5 slots to waste. This means that you can have up to 5 segments for your download or have 5 simultaneous downloads. Each slot delivers 10kb/sec so you can have up to 50kb/sec speed if you are lucky and there are no other users on the server.

    I don't know how the Getright works with other script-download powered sites but I have my suspicions on this matter.

    All in all this should make UTCMS a very attractive place to publish your maps, skins, mutators and even MODs.

    Oh - the old'n rusty download links are now disabled - I will try to do my best to correct them here at forums - you should do a simple refresh on your browser.

    Here are some sample links for you to test:




    Please - if you have any problems downloading files from UTCMS - put some nasty comments here and I will make equally nasty corrections on the server

    Have fun !