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DM-CubedArena(BETA) Need Feedback!!!

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    DM-CubedArena(BETA) Need Feedback!!!

    Ok here is my map for ut2003. This is my first map for UT2003 or any 3D game. So if it sucks I am still learning how to use the Editor. I will greatly appriecate any feedback or anything you have to say. Also please report bugs to me. Here is the download link...

    I will have some screenshots up in a few minutes.


    Here are two screenshots of my level

    I would really love some feedback please.


      Here are two more screenshots. I am just making the links cause i dunno how to rezise images.

      Also I really wish some could give me feedback...I know I suck at map making but I would like to get really good at it, but I am not getting any feedback.


        oh well....

        I guess it is back to the drawing board... I am just going to start mapping a different map. BTW so many views so little posts what's the deal?:cry: :cry: :down:


          Be patiant most peopl don't come to the boards on the weekends, pluss this has only been up one day. I'm sure you will get feed back. and depending on time I might give feed back later. :up:


            Well i havent played the map but by judging the screenshots there are a few things i would like to mentions.

            Dont put players into cages with that staticmesh uve putten above a few powerups Give them freedom to move.

            Make a few more rooms rather than one big arena. This is a question of taste but i atleast like when there are more than one place to fight at. Or atleast divide it into sectoins, with some z-axis fighting

            I dont meant to slap u down or anything Its always fun to see ppl getting intrested with mapping, keep on working and im sure you will produce something great !!!



              Thanks alot both of you guys! Actually my mapping is limited right now because my system really sucks...

              P4 1.4 ghz
              128 Ram
              40 GB HD
              and a GeForce 2 MX 32MB video card

              this coming friday I am going to get a brand new system that has some of the best things out right now. Well when I was waiting for a response to this topic I actually started a new map that looks way better than this one and has tons of Z-Axis I might have some screens for it later tonight. Once again thanks for feedback.


                Just to let people know I am starting a new map called DOM-Organica


                  Hey there, just thought i'd pop by to wish you gl on your mapping. It's very difficult, but very rewarding, and ironically, the better you get, the harder the mapping becomes... because you just HAVE to get everything spot on and you discover new things such as emitters and projectors.

                  I recommend a few visits to the following sites:


                  Start here, it contains a lot of the basics of mapping, plus some of the more advanced stuff. This site helped me out loads!


                  Also, try out, absolutely FULL of useful, more advanced tutorials that are remarkably easy to follow.


                  If you're still stuck, try out the official unreal developer network. Beware though, they aren't always that easy to follow, so make sure that you grasp the basics first.

                  Read a few of these and you'll be making quality maps in no time Hope this helped you out a little.



                    Thanks NachoUK! That first link at planetunreal is the one I have been using. It has taught me alot about mapping so far those other sites also look helpful. Right now I am trying to fiddle with terrain but it's such a pain in the royal ***


                      np, i'm here to help. Have a look at my map if you like. Crimson Skies, slightly corny name, but i'm a mapper, not a writer

                      btw, I'd recommend reading all the tuts before jumping in. I learnt the hard way and had to spend ages converting my map because I'd done things wrong in the first place :sour:

                      I can't remember if it was the planetunreal tuts, but I read this terrain tutorial and it used 256x256 for the terrain size, whatever you do, don't use 256x256 because it puts a huge cap on your FPS due to millions of unneeded triangles. Use 128x128 instead. Hope that makes sense to you.


                        Swizzle my nizzle fo shizzle!

                        Holy cow! Holy ****! Holy Messiah! Holy holyness! Dude crimson skies is beatiful! I mean that too it, looks extremly awesome can't wait to play it! Someday I hope I can do that!


                          It's available to test now, just uploaded it

                          Thanks for the compliment btw.


                            For some great mapping tutorials, you might want to try

                            3D Buzz

                            They have some great Unreal Ed tutorials, and have just released Issue 03 of their VTM series.

                            Go check it out! The videos are a great resource for all mappers.


                              Re: Swizzle my nizzle fo shizzle!

                              Originally posted by FusionWarriorX
                              Holy cow! Holy ****! Holy Messiah! Holy holyness! Dude crimson skies is beatiful! I mean that too it, looks extremly awesome can't wait to play it! Someday I hope I can do that!
                              Sure you got the right thread?