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    See Craggeh's post.


      actually it works out perfectly for me cuz architectonics forum is on that server too.



        As long as this clan has a website, and allows only members who are already experienced mappers I would like to join.

        I make excellent maps. I will be having a map pack out at the end of May.

        I've E-mailed you about this, Let me know where to go for further information,


          hhmm... maybe i am interressted... but maybe not...

          do you have any special goals or a "clan leader"???

          cos this would suck!:bulb:

          hhmm... i am mapping for over 5 years now, started my own mapping page... and now? well, tell me! watch my site (url in my signature) and current projects and say if you are interrested or not...


            Well first of all, i created the clan. But this does NOT mean i am the 'clan leader'. Cuz im not. We are all leaders. Do we have any goals?? maybe in the future IF we are going to try and make some mods. I really cant say if we are going to make mods.. sorry... for questions or whatever you can always come to our IRC chan @ #ut2003mappers.

            ps. i like that you are making a remake of dm-cranes hope it will come out just fine GL


              ut channel in quakenet...?

              lol? :weird:

              hhmm... okay... i will take a look around...


                Quakenet owns. btw you will find most of the top european clans in UT2k3 that they have their channels on quakenet, you just have to let go of the name quakenet.

                The reason for the name is that when quakenet was first founded quake was the only game around. Today quakenet hosts clans and communitys from most of the online games around.


                  eye dacor, you seem to really like realistic maps. I could definatley see you mapping for americas army or something else. Im looking forward to seeing your dm-cranes too Im assuming those texures are only temporary right tho?


                    Hi, a mapping clan he? maybe we can merge ?

                    |XYZ|MapDesign We've started about a year ago, and our website is still under construction.

                    Interested mappers contact us.