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Something new in xFactor MOD

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    Something new in xFactor MOD

    There I go again using MOD, tisk tisk.

    Just watch as the pupae have your corpse for lunch, the pupae are nasty little bugs, they don't just kill you, they also eat your corpse.

    BadPupae.wmv [1.5mb]

    xFactor is almost complete, here's the read me.
    readme.txt [1kb]

    :bulb: That **** me up. Had headphones on with the volume full and suddenly heard all this screaming. Argh.

    Would be better with different, smaller models for the bugs,


      Oh well, sorry.

      I never intended this to happen, I just played with some creatures and found it funny that they eat the dead corpse, or looks like they do.


        poor bot, she didnt see it coming


          That was cool! can I steal your code for that?


          -from txt
          "no more silly countdown to start match" yay! man that countdown is the lamest thing about 2k3

          You should use the bugs as carrion rather than de-rezing the corpse: when a pawn would die they would swoop down and attach to one of the bones and attempt to lift the ragdoll off the ground. The attachment would end after one sec. And the carrion would re-attch,like it was pecking at it.The number of carrion would increse over time exponetualy 1,2,4.. untill the pawn would gib.

          I agree the models should be smaller.