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CMAS-XanarusPT-beta1 (Map for Conquest Marines Mod)

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    CMAS-XanarusPT-beta1 (Map for Conquest Marines Mod)

    CMAS - XanarusPT beta 1

    This is the first beta release of my Xanarus map for the Conquest Marines mod. Some screens:

    Story :
    The X-3 outpost on the planet Xanarus consists of infantry barracks and tank factories and is of immense strategic value. Securing the Tank Factory Generators and the Central Courtyard Generator is vital to maintaining control of the outpost, whilst the Infantry Bases must also be defended from enemy attack.

    Description :
    This is a fairly large CMAS map and includes bot support.
    Each team has two jetbikes in their bases, and two tanks are available on the second floor of each Tank Factory (A and B) once the neutral generators there have been captured. There are several different routes in and out of each base/factory, and 'Vehicle Elevators' allow tanks and bikes to move between floors in the factories.

    Thanks to SMT for testing, and thanks to the CM team for creating their great mod :up:

    Please bear in mind this is only a beta version so there is still more work to do before the map is finished, but any bug reports or suggestions are welcome. I hope you enjoy this map

    Download CMAS-XanarusPTbeta1 (1.5mb)