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My First 2k3 CTF Map

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    I an pretty sure WinZip will decompress WinRar archives mate, try it.


      Hmm I have used Winrar for so long I thought it was sort of a standard....I must lead a sheltered life


        Looks good mate:up: Perhaps a little more light in the blue base?

        The water in the last shot looks vvvvery spooky

        Nice work



          This map plays very nice....two observations::

          First about every third time that I jump in the water ...does not matter which base I am I look up the whole map turns blue for about 3 seconds...then gets normal...there is no problem with is just an observation. I will list my specs below but I do not think it is my machine here.

          Second is more of a gameplay observation. Because of the narrow hallway in the center if a defender standing in the center of the home base aims down this center hallway and just randomly shots ammo with whatever weapon he/she has the kill rate is real high....I am not a mapper but I think there was a discussion a long time back that one of the reasons for making wider corridors was to allow for a better fighting chance for attackers....well just an observation...

          Gameplay overall seems great. Graphics are excellent. I really like the feel of the ice-like Dome in front of the effect...the rotating screens off to the right of the red base is fantastic....

          Bot AI is superb..they play the gametype very well and your map even better.

          Great FPS on my machine...

          Specs:: P4 2.66Ghz@533FSB with 1024MB Ram and Ti 4600 @ 128 Mb Ram


            cool map

            I am downlaoding this map which so far looks nice. If it's good and plays well, I'll upload it to my game server for all to play

            Ut2003 Wicked Game Server


              I think I am going to enjoy this map


                Cool map

                I dont like simple maps like these, but for some reason, this is diffirent, very impressive map

                and the water effects look great


                  thanx wolve :up:


                    Fun map! great mix of visuals and gameplay. I found a major HOM bug. It's when you're entering the Blue base on the upper left side. I opened up your map and it appears to be a BSP problem.


                      Christ I have work on this for weeks and tested it to no end. I have ran the wall every where and saw no BSP holes. thanks for the Bad News and Now the work begins on fixing the **** thing. version 2 is comming now the hard part fixing the BSP holes.
                      Thanks for all the Kind words you guys!


                        I hated to find it... its such a good map. I only noticed it cause I did some weird double jump at the end of the blue jump pad flight. I removed the link to the screenshots in the previous post. I'm assuming you've already seen them. If not I'll email them to you if you wish. Also, I'm sure you probably already know this, but make sure you've got snapping enabled in UEdit. It really helps prevent BSP alignment issues. Great Map!!!... looking forward to release 2.


                          Thanks man! yes I have Grid snap Enabled. me and my friend were all over up there look for hidding spots and it would have done that to us while testing and it never did. and after that test I added anti-port's and I just del them and I have no more HOM. but I want to make sure. I saw the pic and I thank you!