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Semiautomatic map ranking at UTCMS

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    Semiautomatic map ranking at UTCMS

    UTCMS is now sniffing the game servers in order to see which maps are played and which maps are not. The process uses max. 16 threads and is capable of sniffing every game server in the UTCMS database once every hour. In addition to this the server database is updated automatically every day. Currently the database holds information of over 4000 UT and UT2003 servers.

    Because of the huge amount of available servers there are filtering options on the listing system. This should speed up the process of finding your favorite server. You can also seek for certain kind of servers.

    The autoimatic map rating works as follows:

    If there are players in the server the map receives one "good" point for each player.
    If there are free seats in the server the map receives (free seats)/2 "dunno" points.
    If there are no players in the server the map receives (free seats)/4 "bad" points.

    The "good" points move the map towards the top of the ranking list, the "dunno" points move it towards the middle and the "bad" points move it towards the bottom.

    Making automated ranking systems is not easy and I experienced a lot before I ended up with this solution. I think the following is good in the system:

    1) The system penalizes maps that are not played but are in rotation for some reason
    2) The system favors maps that draw a lot of attention (no free seats)
    3) The system favors custom maps as they rarely appear in the servers but when they do, they have players.

    Naturally the ranking affects the authors collective (all his artwork) score immediately.

    Here are some links for you:

    Top-100 maps in the system

    Top-100 authors in the system

    The server list

    Servers running CTF-Face (UT)

    Servers running CTF-Citadel (UT2003)

    UT Assault servers

    UT2003 Invasion servers

    UT2003 servers that announce having map vote

    DeathBall servers

    And so on....

    And still another thing: If you have a server which does not announce itself to the master servers - what ever reason that might be - you can add it manually to the list. Just give the server address and the GAME (not the query) port. Way you go.

    Have fun !

    kickass! way to go varpu


      I added a "Google" button on the left side of each map that was not found exactly (only one occurrence) in the UTCMS database. This button can be used to use this search engine to look around in the web.

      Now, if you actually find a map and it is really missing from UTCMS - I would not mind if you uploaded it there.

      Have fun


        Did you know:

        - that the custom maps draw a LOT more attention on servers that the standard ones

        - that the most empty servers have only standard maps (derived from the above)

        - that, as it seems, the newest maps can actually be seen on servers - not on any web site (well, maybe this forum makes an exception)

        After the ranking system started to punish maps that idle - the CTF-Citadel, DM-Antalus, CTF-Orbit2 and so on exited the top-100 list .... not even some AssWaxer's maps can be seen there - those seem to draw attention whether they are plagiates or not.

        I also did some harvesting in the net so that most of the maps played on servers are also available from UTCMS and thus ranked.

        In the above "harvesting" was gathering about 3G worth of maps.


          I like the site, but a few things:

          1) Letting people vote for pics and TEXT FILES? You should just limit it to maps, nothing quite so funny as seeing a text file higher up in the best files than some maps. :haha:

          2) The 100 Worst Authors list is full of people with no votes for or against them at all. It shouldn't count those people. I wanna see [VSK]Ray back up there!


            great work, I always thought that site was unique, does things that most sites dont.

            I was blown away the first time I saw the texture resources of my maps there. Nice.


              Okay... fixing the scoring system was a lot harder than I thought. But now it should be allright, it just takes some time to settle - now the top-100 and bottom-100 lists are very lively and reflect merely the last few hours situation. However, when time passes the system should stabilize and let AssWaxer stay on top of that particular list

              The system now also memorizes the number of players it has seen on each map - hopefully I can put an option to sort these out usin that figure - most played maps - dunno if it is a good or a bad thing if a map has been played a lot.

              The server list was interesting. With it's aid I was able to find about 7G worth of new Unreal and UT material. This is essential as some of the older data will soon cease existing in the net - already stumbled to a bunch of inoperable sites....

              Have fun with this thing - abuse it at your heart's content