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Players ideas for a new utility

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    Players ideas for a new utility

    That's right. Some of you may know my utility (see sig) for UT2003. Well, I'm bored and thinking of making another one. This time I'd like to have something else on it than just a cache manager. I'm thinking of adding things like :

    - cache manager (once again but this time faster)
    - map installer / remover (almost the same code as cache manager but with backup option and custom folder location)
    - utmod and ut2mod install (without having to double click the file, it doesn't work on some pc's)
    - uz2 compress / decompress
    - 'Ut2003.ini' and 'User.ini' editing with help text if I can find all the info on all the settings
    - Support for UT, UT2003, U2 XMP (if I can install the dam sucker, no U2 in my pc), UT2004 (when it comes out) and other Unreal Engine games if someone can provide info on them
    - content preview (if I could get a command line thing to extract map preview, etc, on the fly)
    - anything else anyone can think of if I'm able to do it

    Waiting for sugestions...
    Btw, if someone gives me hints on something I'll give the proper credit to the person in question.

    Have a nice lag...

    How about something that allows multiple instance of User.ini and/or ut2003.ini that can be changed on the fly with the program to allow different setups for different people.


      Think there's any way you could put something in there so a person could edit texture packages without having to start up UEd all the time?

      Cuz right now, I'm tweaking my xhair pack and it is a pain in the *** having to open UEd all the time

      Anarkist, I'm assuming you mean stuff like UserBob.ini, UserJoe.ini, etc


        @ anarkist
        It's not that hard to do it. Since it will be able to edit '.ini' files I can have an option, like a drop down selection, where you could choose a '.ini' file and use it for the next time you play UT2003. This way you could have user based configurations and even launch the game from the program.

        @ Kel
        hehe, just remember I'm not a real programmer and I just do simple programs but I'll see what I can do about it . I think ucc has some option to extract textures but last time I tried it they would come out empty (0kb files).

        I need some info where to find Unreal Engine file structures. I would be glad if someone could help. The idea is to simplify some functions that the game itself doesn't provide (and should provide).


          Everything you are planning to do has already been done.


            Cooool... Does it mean I am forbiden to do my own proggy and should just give up on the idea?:down:
            Nice there's an app able to do it. However, I remember when I first searched for a cache utility and none of them available was 100% compatible with all UT2003 versions. Beeing a nOOb I then decided to make my own cache utility even not knowing anything about programming. Somehow I managed to make it with my own code. Maybe nothing especial but it does 100% what I want, the way I want. call me stupid but I think I'll waste my time making the new app just for the fun of it. Btw, i don't know it that app you told me about is any good or not. i simply don't care.
            Now, any new ideas?