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CTF-DallasDMZ Completed and Uploaded to UP

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    CTF-DallasDMZ Completed and Uploaded to UP

    Hi, I've finished my UT23K CTF mapping project, "CTF-DallasDMZ" and I'd like you all to have a look at it when you like.

    I wanted to make an interior map that must be well defended, but has several routes in and out. It benefits people who have good xloc and jumping skills, and promotes teamwork.

    I wanted to concentrate on the map flow so it's only decorated enough to guide players to the base and provide cover points. I'm using a standard palette of textures for my own time convenience, but went to the effort to make sure it looks attractive. I especially wanted to work on lighting asthetics.

    Have fun everybody!

    Thanks to the members of {tSc} for testing it out and giving good critiques.

    Thanks very much to Unreal Playground for hosting the file.

    Here's a snap of the blue basement

    Here's a pic of the red flag base

    Here's a pic of the netural zone


      cool GJ gonna d/l right now :up:


        im sorry to say judging by the screenshots it looks like an ut1 map... especially that basement & flagbase are just cubes with textures you should try to decorate a little in a way it doesnt affect movement

        keep trying


          I'm just about to download it....