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UTCMS combines the map database and server sniffer

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    UTCMS combines the map database and server sniffer

    I have done a new toy for you. It is a simple Unreal server browser (web based) which is combined with the map database.

    There is a lurker process behind the scenes that is constantly sniffing the servers. The more a map has been seen played, the more it gets positive points thus climbing up in the ranking. The best-100 list has already started to reflect the reality out there - ppl tend to play certain maps... you know all too well which ones.

    Sample listing of insta-CTF servers

    Get details from one busy server

    At the moment all the servers get sniffed about once per hour.

    Have fun !

    if you click on the ip address you can play on that map too! this suckers going into my bookmarks!


      Oh... I'm also open to feedback - whether it is constructive or destructive. In most cases I can respond promptly to all sorts of wishes on this functionality.

      I have never done this kind of animal before - and I was really surprised how easy it is. Maybe it becomes a tad harder when one starts to optimize the processing speed. I could make the snifffer run in 8 threads instead of the one it is running now - this would multiply the speed by a factor of 8 (prolly more because of the "sticky" servers around).

      Also - I'm not too skilled when it comes to design an user interface - you don't have to be a professional to be able to notice THAT one. However - the looks serve a purpose: ability to operate with limited bandwidth.

      I would be very interested on suggestions for added funtionality such as:
      - ability to refresh a single server line (they are not realtime)
      - ability to filter UT/UT2003 servers (forgot that one)
      - faster response to server queries

      I am sure You guys have ideas far more than these - any, even the wildest ones, are welcome.


        Dont have anything to add but your service is getting better all the timce !! =)