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Help with Mac umod installer

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    Help with Mac umod installer

    Does anyone know how to use the umod installer? (The one that comes on the 2nd cd)
    I try to select a umod but it dont lemme
    the words are all grey and the button is disabled (grey also)

    help please!

    •Try putting the umod installer app in the same folder as the UT2003 app.

    •Make sure that the umod is unzipped

    •Try (as pretty much a last resort) putting the umod file in the same folder as the umod installer and the UT2003 app.

    I may be wrong, but it seems that the umod installer is a bit flakey when it comes to dealing with directory and volume (hard drive) names that have spaces or unusual characters. It's a good habit to get into NOT to use symbols and spaces in your file/volume names - I believe (and once again may be totally wrong) that this is an overhang of OS X's unix underpinnings... but don't quote me on that!).


      I have never gotten the Mac umod installer to work; it always freezes when I try to select a file. So I just use the command line tool instead... and then move the .u and .int files back into the UT2003 application package where they'll actually get used. This double-brokenness in the Mac version is why I don't release my mods in umod form.


        Thx! ill try that