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DM-Ancient (screenshots and map link inside)

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    DM-Ancient (screenshots and map link inside)


    I just finished my first UT2003 map - if interested please take a look at it here (screenshots and map link)

    DM-Ancient Webpage

    its nothing really fancy - but please let me know what you guys think.


    It's good for a 1st map, but I had a few problems with it..
    Some of the brushes aren't quite as they should be - in one instance I saw a peice of floor that was a bit higher than the bit next to it (and it didn't look deliberate).There are some bad texture massalignments - this can be fixed by selecting those textures and choosing alignment/ planar. Also, some of the plants restricted my movement quite a bit - on one occasion I would have fallen down a hole but I landed on a plant, then when I walked off the plant I found the drop wasn't big enough to kill me anyway.

    On the plus side I liked some of the layout (mainly the less cramped areas and the areas with alot of Z-axis, and you did a good job with the atmosphere, which was cool


      Thanks for taking a look - i took your advice and fixed those things (i think all of them) also made some other changes too- including renaming the map to Shadows of the Ancients - since there is already a map called dm-ancient.




        Has anyone else had a chance to take a look at my map?

        I just uploaded a new version.... again - Made some more changes and I put a new custom mesh and new texture and some new custom sounds.

        I would really like to get some feedback before submitting it to nali city, etc.

        A couple NEW screenshots here....

        Billy B3


          Dude, I played your map. You did a good job with most of it, except in the green room. The far balcony is tricky, as I fell through the mesh. I fell below the map, if that makes any sense to you. The only way to get out of it is to exit the map. I ended up in there again as I wanted to make sure there was a problem in that spot. Looks like you have some re-alignments to do. Also, the bots don't seem too aggressive, as in they stand around in some spots and let you shoot them. This map shows true promise and really does look awesome.


            thanks for taking a look...

            as far as falling through the mesh... are you talking about where the detroyed bridge is? falling down to the bottom of the pit where the waterfall is?

            Does anyone know how to set a brush to kill something - i want to put a brush in the bottom of the pit - so if anyone falls into the pit it automatically kills them.



              Just took another look at the map. I did a fly through this time. The hole I'm referring to is in the tiny room, or space,with the busted balcony where the Lightning Gun is located. The wall on the left side of the LG, if you are looking at the LG from the entrance to the tiny space, has no collision. You can literally fly through that wall into the room where your waterfall is located. In a game however, you fall through the bottom of the map. You will want to put in a blocking volume or something there to prevent this, because there is no way for the player to escape.
              And yes, I noticed that there is no kill zone or blocking below the waterfall room.

              It is a nice map nonetheless and will be ever better with some fixes.