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Ragdoll Madness [video]

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    Ragdoll Madness [video]


    This is my first post on this forum. Please excuse me if my english is bad, I'm from Switzerland.

    I noticed on some forums -including this one- that people loved to "play" with UT2004's dead Ragdolls, so I decided to make this little mutator that allows players to become alive Ragdolls when they want, or when they take a specific damage etc. Just read the following.

    Author: Me (Kognefaure)

    Version: Beta 1. I don't think I will make any further.

    Description: This script contains 3 mutators with configurable properties. There is the mutators description extracted from the ReadMe:

     Mutator description:
    This little script adds in fact three mutators, all based on ragdolls. When the Base mutator is added in your game, you can enable/disable the ragdoll mode manually by typing "mutate toggleragdoll" in the console or by binding a key in your UT2004 keyboard configuration in Ragdoll madness section.
     - Ragdoll Madness: Base mutator
    This will give the players the possibility to feign death or turn into ragdoll mode in some other cases.
    Actually the AI doesn't make any difference with a feign-deathing player and a normal-mode player.
    See just above to know how to use the feign death feature.
    configurable properties:
    >Feign death time: The maximum time allowed to keep feigning death (0.0 = no limit)
    >Jump pads madness!: This crazy feature will force every player that use a JumpPad to be turned in ragdoll mode before jumping. Let's feel all the fun of DM-Plunge or DM-Sulphur :)
    >Get-up dodge: As a player turn from ragdoll mode to normal mode, he will try to do a little dodge if he doesn't throw himself out of the map. If false, he will just do a little jump.
     - Ragdoll Madness: Weeds
    The players will be more sensible with some type of attacks and fall down of pain.
    YOU MUST ADD the previous Base mutator if you want this one to work!
    configurable properties:
    >Fall-down damage: The minimal amount of damage that will make a player fall.
    >RagdollDuration: The time a fallen player will stay down.
    >Only specific damage types: If true, the players will be sensible only with the four following damage types.
    description of the defaults damage types set (they could be difficult to configure; only for advanced users):
    Damage Type 1: Class'Engine.fell'                  --> when a player take falling damage. Funny and realistic results :)
    Damage Type 2: Class'Onslaught.DamTypeRoadkill'    --> when a vehicle run into a player. So they will be more difficult to kill by running into them.
    Damage Type 3: Class'XWeapons.DamTypeShieldImpact' --> The Shield gun's damage type. To make melee fights more attractive.
    Damage Type 4: Class'SkaarjPack.MeleeDamage'	   --> Monster's melee damage. Funny results with big monsters. Just try with Unreal 4 ever's Goro :)
     - Ragdoll Madness: Physics
    This complex mutator will allow you to modify the ragdolls physics properties. You can edit it in a funny, realistic or whatever way you want. 
    >Air friction(angular vel): Difficult to explain. This value adds resistance against angular velocity of ragdolls. <0.0 = ragdolls rotating faster and faster, ~0.0 = No or little dicrease of rotating velocity, >7.0 = Ragdolls look like moving statues
    >Air friction(linear vel): Difficult to explain too. This value adds resistance against linear velocity of ragdolls. <0.0 = ragdolls accelerating while they're in air, ~0.0 = No dicrease of velocity, >7.0 = Difficult to move a ragdoll: it will immediately stop.
    >Gravity scale: Ragdolls' dependance of gravity.
    >Ragdoll Mass: The simulated mass of the ragdolls. High value = difficult to move a ragdoll, it will look very heavy.
    >Velocity restitution: The bounciness of ragdolls. <0.0 = No bounces, 1.0 - 2.0 = little moves of arms and legs and powerful bouncing, >6.0 = Flubber-mode ;)
    >World Friction: The bodies friction with the world's geometry. <0.0 = Ragdolls gliding on the ground, 1.0 = smoothed velocity dicrease, >2.0 = high friction: ragdolls will stop very strongly when they hit something and could get stuck easily in some objects.

    Compatibility: I tried to make this mutator working with any mod. Of course I didn't tested on every mod and UT2004 version so using this mutator is at your own risks.

    Multiplayer: I didn't managed to make it work online. Actually with the last version of UT2004, the mutators work just like in offline game but you'll see the character standing across the ground. Again, trying to use it online is at your own risks.

    Screenshots/video: No screenshots, but I made a little video that Speedy37 uploaded on his website.

    Special thanks: Dehy, who added Ragdoll Madness on his FTP. You won't have spammed or big waiting file sharing websites thanks to him.

    Speedy37, well look just above, you'll understand.

    Foxpaw, for his useful Karma ragdoll injury system tutorial (you can find it on UnrealWiki). Thanks a lot.


    I call "feign death" passing into ragdoll mode with Ragdoll Madness: Base Mutator but remember it doesn't affect your visibility with the bots.

    You can get critical errors if you play on maps with damaging volumes (like DM-Metallurgy liquid iron and DM-Deck17 lava pools)

    Feedback plz!

    YES! This is a fantastic mutator! Exactly the kind of thing I've been looking for.

    I'll take a look at the code, and see if I can hack a solution to the damaging volumes thing.


      Impressive! Gonna test it right away...


        BTW, I have some code that can get bots to ignore the ragdoll-ed victims. Drop me a PM if you want to collaborate.


          Wow, this is really fun!


            Just a little thing to add: To see the video, you must go to the section "Ragdoll madness" at the bottom of the page linked in the original message and click on "Voir" to get a streaming window with Windows Media Player.

            Thanks for your replies. Of course if you have any suggestion, just add it, nobody will bite you. But I have no time to make any other release at least for the two following weeks.
            In the case you are another Unrealscripter and you want to modify my mutator and re-release it, please keep any release in this thread...
            If you just have an idea to make a parallel stuff without modifying Ragdoll madness, just do, but please add me somewhere in the credits


              I have suggestion: I noticed the ragdoll thing doesnt seem to accept other player models, such as the Raptor skin. It becomes distorted, with th elimbs stretched out. Maybe you can fix this? Other than that this is much fun to play with.


                Theorically, if you don't use the Physics mutator with high changes, you should'nt have that type of problem because of Ragdoll Madness.

                Each model is linked with a KarmaData: it is a file located in UT2004/KarmaData that gives informations on karma simulation for each bone of a model. An author of a model can choose to use one of the officials KarmaData, or -in the case of a very particular model (for example: a four-legged model)- to make his specific one with Karma Authoring Tool, but it is difficult to use and may do bugs just like yours.

                The mutator searches the KarmaData linked to each model just like UT2004 does. And in fact, if a KarmaData is linked with a model that doesn't correspond, the game will just crash when the ragdoll mode starts.

                I don't have the Raptor model but I'll try with (the famous and amazing) Magdalena.

                Erf, you are totally right :|

                I tried with (the incredible and gorgeous) Magdalena and I got a critical error.
                I suppose the mutator works only with the differents official KarmaDatas. Fine. And I cannot understand nor the reason neither how to fix it (maybe with a list of every unofficial models/KarmaDatas... a bit difficult).

                Well you have luck as you didn't get a critical error...

                Sorry for this bug and the fact I can't fix it for the moment


                  Wow, this looks pretty awesome. However, judging from the video I believe it would be very easy to tell if a player is really dead or not by checking to see if he dropped his weapon. It would be great if you could get players to drop their current weapon when playing possum and not switch to a new one until he gets back up.

                  Also, does it work online?


                    Yes it is very easy to spot a ragdolled-alive-player. Making a player drop his weapon is possible, but I don't know if a player can stay weaponless without bringing up another one automatically. Anyway, you can spot him if he gets hurt, for example if he hits hardly the ground.

                    For online play, I wrote this in the original message:

                    Multiplayer: I didn't managed to make it work online. Actually with the last version of UT2004, the mutators work just like in offline game but you'll see the character standing across the ground. Again, trying to use it online is at your own risks.

                    In fact, I read that the KarmaRagdoll engine is computed only in clientside so it should be very,very difficult to make it work online properly.
                    Speedy37 wanted to try to make an online working version of Ragdoll Madness, but as I didn't get any news from him I guess he didn't succeed.


                      Oops, didn't catch that bit about the mutliplayer. Too bad.

                      Some more stuff: The Weeds mutator only has the guy falling if he takes the damage in one chunk. It would be great if you could get it so that it counts multiple smaller hits as well, if they add up to the set fall damage within a set amount of time. This would be great for shotgun-style weapons and weaker rapid-fire weapons. I set the fall damage level to 50, which seems to work for preventing stray hits from submachine guns and the like from knocking you down, but it causes shotguns to not knock you down at all, which is a shame.

                      Also, would it be possible to show the player's view in 1st person while playing dead or on the ground? It would be much immersive, I think, although there might be clipping problems.

                      Found one strange bug: Moving your view around while watching your (not)dead body actually rotates it around slightly. It's kinda weird.



                        I already had this idea but didn't really search how to implement it without making it too sensitive. Imagine you get someone down after two seconds with the assault rifle...
                        I think I'll make a variable that keeps the cumulating damages, but dicreases with a configurable rate. And why not, it would be cool to show this amount of damage with a growing bar on the HUD?

                        The mutator doesn't let a player turn in first person view to hide the weapon.
                        Actually I found a way to lock the view to the head but allows to show the player's body. That's quite fun, but still bugged too. I have an idea about how to repair it (and if it works, it will destroy some other bugs, like the one you told at last ). If I have the time I'll try it this week-end (maybe with another release?)

                        Yeah, that's quite another silly bug. Some time before the whole ragdolled-body was turning in the direction of the view . If you look down or up, you'll see that the torso turns as well. You can try with the bots: sometime you will see their torso getting through the floor.

                        Thanks a lot for your reply


                          If you make a damage bar, that should be optional too.

                          More options you should have:

                          -Players stay down longer the more damage they take. Shooting a player that's already down would increase his downtime further, so you can keep a guy pinned down by fire. Shooting a player who's faking it will prevent them from getting back up for a variable amount of time, depending on the damage.

                          -The characters' death sounds play whenever they feign death or get knocked down. At the moment, that's another easy way to know if the guy really died or not, as the death sound doesn't play.


                          EDIT: Also, have you checked out this page? If not, you really should. Some guys have already looked into making a mutator like this. It looks like they got stuck on having the player get back up, but you seem to have gotten past that with a simpler solution. They've also looked into how to get it working on multiplayer, as well.

                          There's also this "Good Karma" mod that claims to have the karma system work online, which would really be great if it can be applied to this.


                            The options:

                            - Hum... that will make very easy to kill as well. With this, you will probably play the whole game killing players that were knocked down.

                            - Yes, that could be an optional feature too. The mutator will become full of configurable properties.

                            About your suggestions:

                            - Read the Special thanks, you will see that I used it
                            In fact, I started my ragdoll-injury system before this tutorial was finished. But to make a player turn into ragdoll mode, I used a function that was very unstable. When the tutorial was finished, I used its "KarmaMe" function.
                            The only problem of the tutorial they got concerns online play. I read that when a player get back up, he just teleports where he got ragdolled. In Ragdoll Madness, the problem is different: the ragdoll is computed, but isn't showed, and the player gets back up normally (where he is, I mean).

                            - On unrealwiki, I also took a look on another tutorial telling how to make KarmaActors that work online (I think it's the same used with lawdogs).
                            I didn't really want to try it because I'm sure the KarmaRagdoll engine doesn't work like simple Karma. However, I tried just to replicate the computed location of Karma Structure but that makes the ragdoll teleport at the center of the map.


                              Yeah, just make every conceivable property you can think of configurable. That would make things interesting.

                              One other problem with the way it works now is that if a guy is actually feigning death, he can get back up any time he wants, no matter how much damage he takes (unless of course, he dies). If you can have additional damage increase his downtime, that would fix things.

                              It would also be great if down-time could vary according to the amount of damage you take. A big hit would keep you down longer than a small one would.