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Alt-fire weapon for the Dark Walker

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    Alt-fire weapon for the Dark Walker

    I loved that Dark Walker vehicle (where'd the post go?) that came out a while back, but I always thought it deserved a better alt-fire.

    After watching a lot of Halo 3, it became quite apparent how powerful a deployable shield would be. So, I created one for the Dark Walker, which should compliment its slow movement.

    The shield will reflect enemy projectiles, but allow friendly projectiles to pass through harmlessly. Trace weapons (lasers, bullets) are unaffected. The field also pushes enemies out. It's great for forcing opponents out of a node or narrow entrance / exit / valley. It will balance the Dark Walker because the Walker itself can't get in the field -- it can only protect ground friendlies or block enemy locations.

    As a side note, I wish I could have allowed friendly trace fire to go through, and blocked enemy trace fire -- but I couldn't pull that off with the restrictions in the way a lot of those traces work. If anyone knows a work-around, that would be super sweet.

    Anyway, here's the link.

    Summon demo.demo. The vehicle itself is just a modified Goliath, the whole point is demonstrating the shield in action.