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Special Skaarj Pack V2

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    Special Skaarj Pack V2

    Name: Special Skaarj Pack V2
    Version: 2
    Compatibility: UT2004 you should have ECE
    Description: The second version of the Special Skaarj Pack with fixes and modifications.
    Comments: Let me know if you experience any bugs, glitches and other errors.

    Monster Bios:

    Note!!! No all monsters are shown in this bio. The pictures shown here are only here because I was not able to show them all on the first thread. For the rest of them, go to here:

    BioBugs-The fully matured stage of pupae, from time they’ve gone through a noticeable transformation. Most notable is the change of skin color form green to sharp purple color, but while their skin and size changed, it is what changed inside that sets it apart from its younger stage. Deep inside their mouths and head, two special glands have developed overtime. Since then, they are now capable of shooting bio goop at any threat it sees.

    Dragonfly-During time, evolution chose the Razor fly for its next “selective species.” Unlike its ancestor’s the razor fly, the dragonfly is now pack with the ability to launch a stream of fireballs at anyone or thing that get to close to it. So watch out or you will become a cooked meal for these flies.

    Golem-The Golem is a relative to the titans. These grey or gray colored behemoths have the strength to throw large lethal boulders from far distances. On impact, the stone release several deadly fragments over a large area.


    Fix and changes for V2
    1.) Fixed the golem's boulder throwing. (Only shoot one boulder at a time.

    2.) Shrunk crystal shards from Crystalis.

    3.) Changed dragonfly's skin color and size. (Green and bigger.)

    4.) BlackHeart has darker yet still purple skin.

    5.) Made new skin for MetalSkaarj. (Blend the SMP Metal Skin with gray skaarj texture.)

    6.) Metalskaarj's grenade falls after it bounces off a wall.

    7.) Enhanced Emperor's projectiles. (Created better emitters for looks.)

    8.) Emperor's shot is spread out more and projectile is a little bit faster.

    9.) Emperor has second scream option.

    10.) Got rid of unnecessary codes from Biobug and Dragonfly.

    11.) Change Kraken's projectile to a large link projectile that releases bio goop

    12.) Also gave Kraken a new skin and a hyper-sonic projectile that shakes view when hit by it.

    13.) Enhance Fire/Ice Skaarj's projectiles. (Gave projectiles explosions.)


    Credits: Me (Painkiller or Ace) & maker(s) of Satore Monster Pack.


    the triple threat


      I have no idea how that happened. Is there a way to delete those other ones?


        Yo guys I've noticed not a lot of replies. Is anything wrong with the download?


          Sorry for no feedback...

          I haven't had much play time lately

          I did get an error message though...

          Warning: Failed to load 'SpecialSkaarjPackv2': Can't find file for package 'AmbOutside'
          Warning: Failed to load 'Class SpecialSkaarjPackv2.SSPBioBug': Can't find file for package 'AmbOutside'


            Oh. I see the problem I'll probably get to it tomorrow and hopefully finish it tomorrow night. New epidose of South Park is coming on And I do not want to miss it!!! and I also have school tomorrow.


              Going out of town for a few days will look forward to seeing it when I get back


                Can't wait to try this out, looks cool


                  Originally posted by GG-Xtreme View Post
                  Can't wait to try this out, looks cool
                  Okay. I just updated the links so it should be fixed to download. Try downloading it now and see how it works. I put two versions to download. One is a .zip file while the other is an .rar file. I hope you guys get to enjoy this now...Sorry for the trouble. I will not be able to reply and get back until this Sunday because I'm going on vacation, so sorry for any delays. Please let me know if you come to any errors and I'll get to them when I get back.


                    I have returned from my vacation and can now take any replies.


                      Hey I was just wondering how it is. Is everything okay? Please let me know.


                        Nice work ACE...

                        Just got the chance to check them out

                        I really like the Kraken!


                          Thx. Took me a while to make the karken.


                            Looks cool ace good job.