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CTF-ProgressiveSteel-LE1 +++ decent CTF competition map

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    Looks like a nicely laid out old skool type UT map to me, just the sort of thing to please the competetive community, but also good enough for FFA.

    However, i'm gonna have to side with Ejen and Virax by saying that there is NO excuse for leaving out bot support other than to rush a map. Putting in basic bot support isn't very hard, and putting in more advanced stuff might take 2-3 days tops, why bother releasing two versions of a map when you could just make one version with bot support?

    I'll keep an eye on this one, but until there are some bots imo it isn't worth downloading for the average gamer (ie me)

    -edit. I should clarify that bots are necessary for any map not because people play them offline all the time (although that is true to a certain extent) but because there are many pubs out there that run with minplayers on, and with no bot support a map would fall flat on it's face on such a server.


      Looking forward to trying this one......but not until a version with BOT support is released