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1on1-Kenshin Test UPDATE: 24th april

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    I keep coming to Kenshin in my rotation and everyone on my server loves it. Derailer I venture to say that this is the best 2v2 TDM map to date it.Once the final is released it should be sent to Cliffy,No Doubt will receive teh Ownage.


      Originally posted by DeRailer
      Should be around next week. I'm more or less done with majority of the static meshes and will work on the lightings during the weekends.
      The meshes do not hinder player's mobility in any ways: the ramp's trims and wall lights collision are removed since their size are so insignificant and blocking volumes are in place. It runs decent on my athlon 800 g3 dino also(30-40fps is graphically busy areas), though more optimizing can still be done.
      There're some slight changes with the 3rd floor layout where the sniper is, but it doesn't really affect the overall gameplay much.
      Progress is good, don't expect great things about the graphic for the final though.
      Dude, Kenskin is awesome, don't put yourself down.

      those area's I mentioned on BUF still need to be blocked!


        **** nice work there DeRailer, So clean yet not simple at all. the BSP cuts and trim are great.

        Thats the kind of thing I need to learn badly!.
        (I've been more of a terrain type guy)

        I dont understand how you get some of those brush shapes, I looked in the editor in wireframe and some were nuts

        I need to learn more of that style gameplay.

        how did you learn the complex shape building e.t.c? any pointers on that? Looks like you added from empty space rather than subtracted from a solid block.

        Bottom line = love it man. and I'm not usually a 1on1 fan either


          Thx everyone, I'll try my best to get this out as polished up as possible.

          Hey bucky, long time no see dude! Heard you are now working on Atlantis, congrats man. :up:

          The brushwork 'looks' complex, but are actually pretty simple. Most of them are just stacked additive brushes builded with the 2D shape editor in UED3. Some part looks complex only because of the lack of acute angles. I only learnt how to do this by digging up Faceless's Seraphim for UT1.
          The best way is to identify their heights, length and width during the layout planning stage on graphpapers, get rid of all the 90 degree angles in brush corners to make it look more refine. Then you can start creating those shapes with the 2dED.

          If you have UT1, it'll help you to build these style of maps because of the loads of custom maps that do that. Look for these author's works:
          All hosted on PU:

          Platinum moved:

          If you don't have UT1, you best bet is to refer to Tonnberry's Alpu2 and DavidM's Lego2.

          Kenshin is much closer to Seraphim than Team Vortex maps though, and is using only 2 subtracted rooms(top and bottom) compared to seraphim's 5. I believe somebody ported the entire brushwork and make it a map for UT2k3, you can do a search for that.

          Originally posted by The Warden
          Dude, Kenskin is awesome, don't put yourself down.

          those area's I mentioned on BUF still need to be blocked!
          It's blocked. =P