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    Name: DM-PJ-Exposure-2K7
    Version: 3.0 Beta
    Compatibility: UT2004
    Description: Good size map, i really feel you will want a good 6 players, be good for TDM. It has 6 warp portals, these are problematic to players but i found over time our clan addjusted to them to a point they played with them to there advantage, by standing the other side not using hitscan weapons

    It also has Racheal's Reconstruct bridge in the map, the reconstruct triggers have a larger radious to enable you just enought time to see it rising so enabling you time to jump. There are also some high ledges in the high coridoor, one of our team members is a jump monkey with the sheildgun, up there is a redeemer, this is no easy task. Boardjumps on lower levels are short, but worth while resources are at full board length. Some of our guys are new to DM. It has no adrenaline or any weapon refills, besides those were the weapons are, these will be added.

    Comments: I hope you like it, there are a couple clan members suggested the main weapon rooms are a bit big. I'll await the beta testers here for there final verdict. Should i change the icon too TDM?


    A special Thank You very much to Rachael (Angel Mapper) for all your tutorials . You are the main one that got me too the point of mapping where i am atm, besides wiki & UDN(good stuff UDN)

    Racheal please let me know if u dont mind me using your emiter and Not A Borge Shader, plus i used the static mesh for the movers.

    Homepage: There is not much here

    Download: DM-PJ-Exposure-2K7-Beta3

    Name: DM-PJ-Exposure-2K7-Final.ut2
    Version: 3.0 Final
    Compatibility: UT2004

    Description: This is the Final version that is completed for our clan. Its the exact same map as above but has a hidden clan section and Nite Club area. The nite club took 4 days to try and find a adequate lighting to resemble a nite club look. The lighting effect is built on movers, the other ways was by generic lights which failed the effect i want and emmiters were a problem cause it still would not give the same result that i eventually did acheive with movers.

    This download is not a beta test but as a final(sort of any way, couple things still need doing to it). The two extra rooms created a extra 8meg, though i was being gready with the image quality every were in there. From the sniper rifle(not the l'g) straight in front is a hidden panel u can dodge jump accross, or turn to the left and drop down, and looking back up above you, facing the coridoor is a hidden panel.

    Size: 10meg


    Hidden Room Access

    From the sniper rifle room, if you have a lg gun shooting accross will enable you to detect where it is. Jump up on ledge and duck down creep accoss to the edge and dodge jump accross, if you are at the very edge you will fall down, if you have not move out fare enough you will fall down.

    Access point 2 from same room(sniper rifle room), drop down to the left. Looking back up, u can see the color difference on the wall, use jump pad to gain access

    Download: Unrealplayground DM-PJ-Exposure-2K7-Final.ut2