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Mars Wars 2.1

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    Mars Wars 2.1

    Well, for those of you who bothered to download Mars Wars 2.0 (or 1.0), thanks for your support.

    The project leader, RED-FROG, has been hard at work on 2.1, and now has something he'd like to share with y'all.

    Mars Wars 2.1 Tech Demo on YouTube

    I don't know how he did it, but he's added real-time terrain deformation capabilities, as well as a head-cam death camera.

    Thanks for trying to bring some attention to MW ... but it seems that no one cares ...

    all people do is just give it bad reviews because they installed it wrong or they complain because it is a mod that actually plays like a different game :| ... people are jerks


      Very impressive indeed. I think I'll have to get this.


        Me personaly, I love Mars Wars. Its rare that you find a mod with such a nice thick layer of Polish applied to it that plays so well.
        It aint the teams fault that it dont install correct, and .rar files and installers aint exactly rocket science

        But back to the tech demo.....*ahem*......

        That looks amazing, just like the original. I hope the terrain deformation will be featured heavily on all the maps, unlike RF2 The fun that can be had carving out your own little den was nigh limitless.

        *raises beer* Awsome job on Mars Wars and i'll be sure to DL 2.1 (even if i do get pwn'd by the bots)


          Which UT is this for?

          Please say 2004... Please say 2004...


            The ModDB page for Mars Wars

            Oh, and it's an UT2004 Total Conversion.


              Do you have a download for 2.1? Feel free to use my VCTF-MarsMayhem map with your mod.
              The terrain deformation is the coolest thing I've ever seen!


                yes Yes YES!!


                  Well, Mars Wars 2.1 has fallen flat on its face. In a good way.

                  Click the pic, and it'll take you to the ModDB page for the mod, where a video of this new gametype has been uploaded.


                    Can't wait! I'm glad they're still working on the mod.


                      Yup. Mars Wars 2.1 isn't dead yet.

                      The team's been working pretty hard, and have come up with a few new things.

                      For starters, there's this video flyby video (YT) of the new version of Mine Warefare.

                      For another, there's this screenshot of the latest Mars Wars vehicle:

                      That's right. The Combat Suit from Red Faction II is in Mars Wars 2.1. It's still a work in progress, though.

                      2.1 is currently in 'private beta' stage, but when that changes I'll let you know.


                        cant wait !

                        to download and play !
                        I love that new character