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WEAPON: Mortar Launcher [Beta, open source]

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    WEAPON: Mortar Launcher [Beta, open source]

    Hi all

    I loathe the Grenade Launcher beyond the boundaries of polite conversation, so I've been trying to find a way to make a fun replacement. Rather than simple grenades, this launcher shoots mortar rounds, which explode into a fountain of 3 cluster bombs. Each bomb is set to go off a moment after it bounces off of a surface -- so you can imagine the fun you can have with this thing.

    This guy is supposed to be good at troop vs. troop only -- and only when enemies are clustered in a tight area (closed room, huddled around a node, etc.). Lastly, the grenades will spawn off of whatever surface they attach to -- which means you can turn vehicles or even live enemies into "grenade fountains" at your whim.

    Here's the deal -- I can't get this thing to work in Network Play, so I'm going to open up the source code so everybody can play with it. You'll notice that I did almost a straight 100% base off of the Grenade Launcher, so there's just a variable or two that's not getting set right. If you want to use it, it's cool, just give me some credit lines in your post and info file (link to my site, etc.).

    Again, I don't understand replication well, so input from anyone out there that can explain solid net code would be GREATLY appreciated. Lessons learned will be carried over to my other weapons / vehicles (as time permits...).

    Anyway, here's the link -- it's not even up on my main menu yet, too short on time for much.

    Cool gun and good thinking. The Grenade Launcher is useless in any stand-up fight. This one's still not heaps useful but every bit helps and it sure is funnier.

    You might want to get some different texture on the ammo packs, though. They look odd.

    Oh, and don't forget teh screenz0rz!


      Had the same idea a while back, tho in a somewhat different style
      Still trying to get the time to redo the primary fire of mine tho