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Blackstrider Tripod Walker Vehicle [BETA 1.1] 1.1 RELEASE [pics] updated apr.26

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    Blackstrider Tripod Walker Vehicle [BETA 1.1] 1.1 RELEASE [pics] updated apr.26

    Name: Blackstrider

    Version: BETA 1.1

    Updated: Apr.26

    Role: Heavy Walker

    Compatibility: UT2004 3369 + ECE



    Description: version 1.1! Quite a large list of updates including an updated model, updated fx, updated and improved handling amongst many many many other things.

    STILL not network compatible, but that should be in for the next release!

    download link is just a bit further on, enjoy!

    as well, thanks goes to Xyx for his excellent replacement mutator and .:..: for his fantastic bot pathing fix!

    Instructions: Simply extract the zip into UT2004's root and all should be well. If you summon this vehicle into the game the IK controller will have problems and so I recommend using the provided vehicle replacer.

    Credits: myself, Xyx for the replacement mutator, .:..: for bot pathing, as well as a whole slew of people over by BuF, you have my infinite gratitude guys

    Download BETA1.1: [link]

    Edit: I'm providing the dowload link for version BETA1.0 as well as it was fairly different and I know that some people will like that one better :]

    Download BETA1.0: [link]

    as well, if anyone wants to mirror that would be great and I will update this top post to reflect such mirroring! highly appreciated!

    Looks nice, but is it missing a texture or something?


      actually it is, this is a WIP texture quickly burned from max. Im leaving uv mapping and texturing to full release because I need to remodel the entire thing anyway. Otherwise though, how is it? any serious gameplay problems that ive missed?


        The model itself is just awesome, great work!

        I like the idea that you looked to have added some IK to the legs, they actually step around to the shape of the terrain, however it moved a bit clunky, I don't know if you can fix that but it'd be great if you could.

        The stepping sounds dont match that well with the actuall stepping, maybe you can make it play a sound per step instead of one continuous sound for when its moving.
        I think it'll also be awesome if you made the camera shake a tid bit every step it takes.

        Looking really good so far, cant wait to see the final product.


          I downloaded and will try this tonight. Really looking forward to it!

          I'm going to try putting it in with SwapTool first, and if that doesn't work then Worm2K4.

          I'll let you know if I encounter any bugs.


            lol ironically it does infact produce one unique leg take off sound every time it steps and one unique leg landing sound when the leg lands. The fact that you couldnt tell though tells me that the effect isnt getting through very well. To be honest it was bugging me too, the problem is just how regular the rhythm of the legs striding is, I imagine I can alleviate that.

            The camera shake is an easy addition, although it might get annoying


              Well the shake wouldn't have to be anything dramatic, just a tilt to one side of the screen or something.


                yeah I was being paranoid, I added it and it looks great

                edit: thanks a lot Cuchonchuir, I would appreciate that


                  lol i wonder where u got the idea for this vehicle from??? ill wait for the full version to download it


                    oh its completely original! I didnt ripoff epic at ALL! yep all the credit goes to me, me me me

                    on a more serious note, the guys over at epic rock pretty hard

                    oh and lets not forget HG Wells, Steven Spielberg, Valve, and the countless others that have dreamed up tripod walkers before me


                      I invented tripods.


                        Okay, I tried it.

                        Wow, man! You have honestly outdone yourself. This is the best walker I have ever seen.

                        I found no major bugs in it to speak of. I did not end up using SwapTool to put it in - however, it worked for me with WoRM2K4 just fine, except for on Dria ECE, but I think that was because of WoRM. It also worked with CarLauncher just fine, though there was an extremely minor visual glitch where the 'death' animation would appear at the same time as the vehicle itself. Like I said, it was minor and did not affect gameplay. It did not seem to affect FPS for me at all.

                        It moves very slow and stiffly, but I think it fits the vehicle perfectly. I even liked the white coloration, even if it is a placeholder texture (not sure if it is, just saying).

                        While slow, it is VERY powerful on the battlefield, and can climb over LOTS of things and very nearly dominates. Especially when I summoned it with CarLauncher, and there were no enemy walkers to contend with, LOL.

                        For once, I found a fan-made vehicle that hasn't been given too much health! In fact, 1000 might be a little low, considering its size. Though, giving it anymore would easily make it too powerful.

                        Speaking of size, this thing is HUGE! It is much differently shaped, but rivals the Leviathan in size! It seemed rather vulnerable to air attacks; the primary twin beams are very powerful, but it can be difficult to hit a distant Raptor. Pretty much everything else fell before it, though with every enemy on the map targetting it, I found myself worn down often.

                        Congratulate yourself, because (at least in my estimation), this is brilliant. It is easily one of my favorite vehicles.


                          yeah I really wanted it to be playable, like actually playable, not overpowered. Its role is basically to counter the goliath; where the goliath has speed and range (relatively speaking) this thing has power and hitscan. 4 shots from a goliath (which has basically unlimited range) and the strider goes down; in a 1 on 1 battle, the strider just barely wins over the goliath, assuming every hit lands of course. The strider is extremely vulnerable to raptors and somewhat vulnerable to a well-driven manta.

                          It eats scorpions, people, and anything stationary for breakfast, lunch, and dinner though

                          The entire design concept initially was to create a darkwalker replica of sorts in ut2004, that somewhat changed and now the goal is more to create a balanced heavy walker vehicle.

                          About dria, thats odd; dria is a very large map, it should have more than enough room to spawn and stand. Interesting. Anyhow, try replacing the hellbender with the strider and the scorpion with the goliath on ascendancy, its great! Its very fun to play like that. The bots can use the strider semi-well, they'll put up a fight. Add lots of bots, lotsa targets! Everytime I play that map with those settings my appetite for UT3 wets just a little bit more

                          Thanks for the praise btw, Im glad you like it so much!

                          And yes, the white is infact a placeholder texture lol

                          @Kronos nono, Microsoft did, along with toasters, easy bake ovens, and the pythagorean theorem, it says so right here in this legally binding document


                            Good to see you here, mate. Downloading the strider right away, I sooo have to see that in action Judging from the screenshots - the model, textured or not, is amazing. It looks as good ingame as it looked on the renders. I would only suggest working on the weapons' emitters a little more, but that's just my first impression. Will post back when I try it out.

                            Da Vinci invented tripods

                            Edit x2:
                            Played with the strider. Beautiful thing indeed. IK works almost perfectly - I assume that occasional jumping from one rotation to another is caused rather by the positioning mechanism (traces?) not the IK? You know what I liked the most in this vehicle? The ragdoll effect when it dies. That's a noteworthy detail. Really nice touch.
                            Things that need improvement - emitters. Beam effect should rather follow the crosshair, it's too "jumpy" now, at least in my opinion. Try to make emitter's movement relative and update rotation in tick. Same for the hit effects - spawn them more often, to simulate smoother movement of the whole beam. And the damage emitters (flames coming out of the chassis) could use some more work - try to randomize the particles in size and rotation a little more.
                            Apart from that - it is a **** good vehicle I would only increase it's health, for it gets pwned before leaving the base in Torlan - but that may be because of using the Led against it)
                            And by the way - check your PMs, matariel.


                              Wow, that is seriously amazing! Great job! I love the looks and the animation. Very stylish modeling, very cool coding. I like the white look, too.

                              Couple o' suggestions:
                              • The "foot lift" sound coincides with the "footstep" sound, making them indistinguishable. Maybe put a little pause in between that.
                              • A longer stride might both look great and help the thing move.
                              • The first time I fired the big beamz of death, the bar charged up and then the gunz fired. Right after that the bar charged back up again and I could fire whenever I wanted without delay. The initial delay was pretty cool. Adds a little something extra to manage. I suggest the beams do not begin charging until the player tries to fire.
                              • The passenger turret has some serious clipping issues. Clips into the "knees" a lot. Perhaps it could be slightly elevated.
                              • The passenger turret is unremarkable. A cool vehicle needs a cool passenger turret.
                              • The main beam can be moved around pretty fast. People trying to take this thing down at short range might have a better chance if it moved a lot slower. Especially people on foot.
                              • The beams have good range, but it's hard to see where that range ends. The end point seems fairly arbitrary, too. It's obviously that way for the sake of balance, but it feels like it could have fired further. Perhaps you could add some sort of sparkle emitter when it's not touching down onto anything, to aid depth perception (which is pretty tricky on a 2D screen, even in a 3D game).
                              • There's still room for some cool altfire modes.
                              • I could make it do the following:

                                Looks a bit like it's dodging. It's actually leaning over after I tapped the same strafe key a couple dozen times. Seems you're using the time the keys are held down to determine when to step, rather than the actual distance moved.
                              • You need a mutator. I can set you up, if you like.