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Iron Cores team [Pics][1 D/load (Reg. Needed)]

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    Iron Cores team [Pics][1 D/load (Reg. Needed)]

    Name: Iron Cores team skins
    Version: Um, 1?
    Compatibility: UT2004 (UT2003 maybe if they have the models I skinned.)
    Description: The Iron Cores project started when I decided that Jakob would look better with something on underneath his armor. So, I created Alyx.

    Not content there, I decided to make an entire SP teams worth of custom skins. However, once I had done that I noticed that I couldn't recruit all my skins into the team as some were of 'higher level' characters.

    Comments: If you look closely at them, you'll notice that there are some places where there are selection errors, but nothing overly noticable.

    Screenshots: (Note that some of these are taken in ChaosUT2. Also, if there's a better way to display these screenshots other than IMG and /IMG tags, let me know.)
    Alyx (Red team skin, Reskin of Jakob)

    Malik (Red team skin, Reskin of Othello)

    Tobias (Default skin, Reskin of Remus)

    Overcharge (Blue team skin, Reskin of Xan)

    Sophia (Red team skin, Reskin of BlackJack)

    Amanda (Default skin, Reskin of Reinha)

    Catheryne (Default skin, Reskin of Ambrosia)

    Xavier (Default skin, Reskin of Torch)

    The guys responsible for making Upaint
    The guys responsible for making Ulead Photo Express
    Epic Games, for making the original textures

    Due to unforseen file size difficulties, only Alyx is available to download from Levels4You. You'll need a L4Y account to download him.

    Further downloads of characters will probably be 2-team variations, instead of their current 4-team incarnations.

    These look really nice. Great job.