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    This is the first beta of my latest (probably last UT2K4) map.
    This time it's more classical onslaught with large terrain and many different standard vehicles.
    TargetPainter, Deemer and IonPainter are also avaiable upside some hills and rocks.
    Many static meshes are made by myself with Blender.
    Recommended for 20+ players.
    Botpathing is included but not finally done.

    Because of spare free time I dont want to screw great many on this map besides the botpathing and some tweaking.

    You can download the map at UnrealPlayground or join directly to the game HERE
    I'm very interesting in some feedback/troubleshooting !



    MajorNode to Base


    CenterNode with LowGravField



    Looks nice *and* original; I'll download it the first chance I get.


      wow that is cool!!! i'm downloading this one for sure!!! i'm not into onslaught games, but this is one of the maps that i needed to make it fun again!!!
      thank youy very very much!!!


        Random feedback:
        • Looks nice, original, varied.
        • Decent bot support.
        • Very cool antigrav thing. Looks awesome, with those boulders floating around!
        • Does that floating island enter into gameplay?
        • The red spine thingies look really intriguing but end abruptly. Suggestion: model something onto the end.
        • Way too big. It takes ages just to get somewhere and what little action occurs is at long range. This favors fast vehicles like the Manta and leaves people on foot feeling useless out in the cold. Suggestion: Scale map down to 40-20% of the current size.
        • Horrible single primary node setup! Half the map can be ignored; just go straight to the enemy primary, take it down and camp it for the win. This does not do your hard work justice. Suggestion: two or three routes to the enemy core, with only a little connectivity between the routes.
        • Nice number of nodes. Suggestion: place even more nodes, just don't enable them in the default link setup. This adds immense customizability and replayability.
        • Ion Tank? I'm not so sure about that one.
        • Nodes are rather open and vulnerable. They will be shot down from far away, especially by flying vehicles. This discourages "in your face" fighting. Suggestion: add more cover to the nodes.
        • Cores are wide open. Assaulting the enemy core is trivially easy; just climb some nearby hill and start shooting. Suggestion: add lots more cover to the cores.
        • Radar map is missing. I guess you know that.
        • Preview in the map list shows some UT3 blah. Suggestion: show a proper preview.
        • Some parts of the map are just useless, empty space where no-one will ever go. Suggestion: add some interesting features, perhaps including some nodes, and improve accessibility.


          Thx a lot for this feedback, Xyx.

          After read this I have some points to change.

          - The floating island is only a deco, to make the bouncing rocks more believable
          - To scale the map down will be a really big extravagant expense and I dont have time to do that. I will place more vehicles to bridgeover distances and place some more nodes at empty spaces. So people can also easy teleport from node to node. Another point is that this map shoud be a 20+ ppl map, best played with 32. So people have enough room and the engine can render smoothly cause players dont focus too much at one point.
          - The node setup will be improved and I have some good suggestions from another forum.
          - I set the ion tank as a counterbalance to the leviathan at the core supply node. This node cant be lost and give defending team some powerfull vehicles .
          - Two nodes are very open and I want to experiment with that. For the moment I will leave it as it is.
          For the cores I agree to you and will spend them much more cover, maybe some rotating plates, surrounding spires or somethink like that.
          - Radar map, preview and ut-based little story is in work.

          Your suggestions were very helpfull!


            There is beta2 out.

            - new locker setup
            - playerstarts should face now to a locker and/or vehicle
            - more healing spots
            - reduce distance view and raise fogring for better performance. Match fogcolor and color of fogring
            - new antiportals and a special brush to occlude players and weaponfire on a server.
            - place temple-like buildings to cover the two open nodes sidewise the center node
            - bots now know to use target-painter and ion-cannon. Tweaked also the whole pathnode and set some more defending points
            - place one more manta at the cores and cicadas at each core-supply node. Now every standard vehicle comes with ut is available.

            I have uploaded the map to UnrealPlaygroundBetas or alternative link