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    Insurrection is part of my level design portfolio for the Centre NAD. It was completed in five weeks of full time work, and is pretty much ready for playtesting. The map is a fast paced Assault scenario, with very little downtime or running time between fights. No meshes or textures were custom created, and the map needs no extra packages to run, only the stock patched UT2004.

    Things that are still missing
    : The objective matinee sequence
    : the Outro matinee sequence
    : some SFXs and events outside
    : Visuals in the last room

    I would like criticism on the gameplay, lighting and optimization. Those are the three aspects I focused the most on. I did a lot of testing on lan with human and bot players, and I can't find any bugs right now. I would appreciate if you could post found bugs here.

    Following this, I'l finish up the things that are still missing and fix any bugs found, and make changes to the map accordingly. After that, I plan on more playtesting (Beta), then the final release.

    Backstory :

    This scenario marks the sudden end of the many uprisings in
    Liandri's deep space mining colonies. When it was discovered that the
    miners of JV-A06 Facilities were illegally selling parts of the rich minerals
    to the hellions, Liandri decided to take disciplinary action against its
    workers. This quickly escalated in an all-out rebellion. The insurgents,
    fighting with advanced weaponry bought from the Hellions, managed to
    defeat the small Liandri fleet that had been dispatched there.

    News of this quickly spread throughout the Holovision network.
    Before the situation grew out of control, the Liandri commanders devised
    a plan to dispose of the rebels as brutally as possible for all the known
    universe to see, live on Holovision. A small team of commandos would
    infiltrate the facilities and strike at the support pillar anchoring the
    complex to a large asteroid orbiting JV-A06, effectively sending the entire
    complex, and its population, to crash and burn in the planet's atmosphere.
    The event was immensely popular, and caused the other colonies to think
    twice about revolting.

    A tournament classic was born.

    Here is the map itself
    the map is also available at FileFront here :

    and here are some screenshots

    They are slightly out of date, I'l get some better one soon.

    Thanks for your interest!

    Holy... that's a biggun


      nice one!!! i'll download it this evening!!


        Downloading this one and will put it on the server to check it out...Screens look great.


          oh oh oh, new assault map.

          Very well done indeed. Had been a while since I played, the bots kicked my butt.

          Only other comments are that the two open doorways that lead into the second objective courtyard... the little rampways are somewhat easy to get stuck on if you approach at an angle. Seems like a lot of weapons for the defenders on those first two objectives. I like the way the first objective is laid out, open up to the final choke point at the room.

          Kind of sad you aren't getting more response on this. Good assault maps are really rare.


            i'll post the next response then... great map... the bots kicked my butt too... good botpathing.