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I have a mod idea for an UT2003 veteran to create...

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    If it was made it's success would all depend on the quality of maps methinks.

    Not sure about lightning gun - possibly classic sniper, or a much toned down (effects-wise) lg? The trail would completely give away your position, and the opponent would almost certainly get the point.

    The scope/aim should be moving, like it is sniping in games such as MGS.

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  • I have a mod idea for an UT2003 veteran to create...

    Hey guys

    ATM, I have absolutely no skill in using the UnrealEd to create anything, so all I have is ideas in my head. I had this one idea for a Mod I'd love to play...

    Mod Name: Sniper
    Players: 2
    Weapons: Lightning Gun
    This is a game of accuracy. You choose from a selection of maps, each with hiding places, high points and barrages. The maps are split in to two pieces of land, facing eachother. You and your opponent are placed in a random point on the map, on opposite sides of eachother. You are given a Lightning Gun with one shot. It must be noted that you cannot move your character in this mode, only aim. The match begins. The objective is simple: find your opponent in the Lightning Gun's zoom mode and nail a headshot. There are 30 seconds for each frag. If you kill your opponent, you win that frag. If your opponent kills you, your opponent wins the frag. If you miss with your shot, your opponent gets to search for you in the time left and nail you, the sitting target. After each frag, you are both placed again in random points of the map to start over again. Whoever reaches the frag target first is the winner.

    Well...good or bad idea?