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    as vrea si eu acest joc

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    Whilst I know public interest has been somewhat lacking, most likely since most people don't know me and / or don't trust me...

    I'm finally got round to basically finalizing a few things, such as the installer layout and internal workings, logos are now selectable only as full bundles, keeps the installer list more manageable and more user friendly*.

    Another notable change is that Logo Changer has been split into "Logo Changer" (streamlined version) and "Logo Config" the old /C part of logo changer, again having the logo changing code removed and rewrites to make it use slightly better code and a few new features.

    * - Can use "Logo Config" to disable or even remove images for Logo Changers list of logo images.

    Any help with new installer images would be nice / helpful, however are not at this point a priority, (depending on Epic naturally).
    Also any icons for Logo Changer and Logo Config would be greatly helpful as I do not know how to make icons myself (nor have any skill at making them).

    And if you have any logos or set of logos you'd like to have bundled with it, please post a link to the images and some form of permission (can also do this through pm if you prefer).

    ~ Lakie

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  • started a topic Logo Changer Betas (Beta 2)

    Logo Changer Betas (Beta 2)

    If I've put this in the wrong section or got the logo wrong, I'm sorry and feel free to correct me, out of the list I figured utility suits it best...
    Been a long time since I posted about it, pre-split I believe (Referance), so some of you might remember it, finally got round to actually making some serious progress with it, so enjoy and please give feedback if possible.

    Name: Lakie's Logo Changer

    Version: v2.0 beta 2

    * The .net framework 2 (which means anything from Windows 98 up)¹,
    * Unreal Tournament 2004 (must be installed)², since it runs it after changing the logo,
    * SysWow64 Operating System to correctly work on a 64 bit Windows OS.

    ¹ - Since .net runs native to the OS, it depends on the type of OS you have, 64 bit OS means it will work in 64 bit,
    ² - The installer will not load without UT2004 being installed.

    Compatibility: UT2004 (32 bit only)

    Changes the startup logo of Ut2004 according to a predefined list.
    Has an inbuilt configurator for the configuration of itself (user based). (I remember Flak asking for that...)

    Below is a list of all the accessions which the program can do;
    This installer will do the following (depending on installation type):
    * Read the registry to check if UT2004 is installed (checks the folder entry),
    * Make a backup of the current Logo Ut2004 uses (Orginial Logo.bak in the app directory),
    * Create "Lakie\Logo Changer.ini" in the users application data directory,
    * Add any images installed to the [ImageList] Section of the Config.ini.
    * [Optional] Associate Ut2004 tasks with Logo Changer.
    * [Uninstall] Replace the Ut2004 startup logo with the orginal (pre-setup),
    * [Uninstall] Restore the Ut2004 tasks associations.

    This Program will do the following (depending on settings):
    * Read the registry for UT2004's location so it can start it after it changes the logo,
    * Read its configuration file for a list of images and how to use them,
    * Replace the {UT Dir}\Help\UT2004Logo.bmp with a custom image from the image list,
    * [Configurator] Scan Images for correct type and bit depth upon adding to list,
    * [Configurator] Rewrite the configuration file with changes to the list and mode.
    Changes since beta 1:
    * Added: Ablity to pass one parameter to UT2004 (Filters out own parameters)¹,
    * Added: Ablity to associate with UT2004 ablity's (opening of maps as an example)²,
    * Cosmetic: Made some make shift pictures for the installer (feel free to give me better versions!),
    * Added: Ablity to find existing logos in the {app}\Logos when making a new configuration file,
    * Fixed: Exception when no images are in the image list when making a new configuration file.

    ¹ - UT2004 by default will only use one parameter which is either a map or a ut2004 link,
    ² - This done at installer time, and will be undone when the uninstaller is loaded.


    (This is about the only Gui you will see unless there is an error)

    Known Issues:
    * Doesn't work with the 64 bit version of UT2004¹,
    * Having errors such as no filename in the config file, no enabled or such can cause an exception or undesired effects.

    ¹ - Doesn't have any code to realise that a 64 bit binary may even exist, always assumes 32 bit binary.

    Tasks Left (please help if possible):
    * Better images for the installer, I'd prefer ones without Epic's original logo on them (incase anyone at Epic objects),
    * Program icons (Main icon and a configurer icon (Vista support so upto 256px)).

    * Lakie (me)
    * Epic Games (Original Logo used in installer graphics as a place holder)...
    * The following Logo authors for allowing me to bundle their work with it: blip2, Crotale, Flak, Ghosts Legend, Mahalis, The_Deacon.

    Homepage: (underconstruction)

    * Installer ( (2.28 MiB),
    * Looking for an official mirror since I have very limited bandwidth).

    If you would like any of your logos (must be 8 bit .bmps, or convertible to), then post them in this thread or pm me them, with authorisation to do so.
    Oh and if you have bugs post them here, please do not email them to me...

    ~ Lakie