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    Not that anyone ever like, uses it or anything, but the RoAR bugtracker which is hosted on my machine is going to be down from its current location for the duration of semester break (until at least 8 Jan). However once I get home (a few hours) if anyone wants it up, I can host it there over cable.



      Again, I was not aware that a discussion was going on here. I figured with all the "bad press" that we got it would be a moot point to come here for feedback. Anyway ..

      I should point out that much of our team is in fact rather responsive to what the ppl are telling us. A few people have even offered to help to the debugging process that are not on the team so that is pretty cool too. Some of the team members do not take critiquing too well so it will be the rest of the team members job to get the feedback into a swallowable form. Please community, comment. We've gotten some promising feedback so far.

      I've not really gotten too much feedback on the maps that I did and I've started mapping on a couple of other concepts so the 1.1 release should be able to fix most of the map bugs (and of course create some new ones while fixing the bugs ) and offer some new fresh maps by other members of the team whos maps were detained for whatever reason.


        I'm here too. I'll look into the 1.0 Release thread some time in the very near future, but now I don't have the time to locate a few good posts in 12+ pages of flames. I don't exactly agree with what Doc_Edo said myself. I believe suggestions and critisism are some of the best ways to get better at something.