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[MAP:CTF] -->> Coret1999 <<-- [FEEDBACK]

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    [MAP:CTF] -->> Coret1999 <<-- [FEEDBACK]

    Hi y-all I’m Sir_Dave member of =][DBoZ][=,

    We are very frantic in making the Coret1999 and Coret2003 map. It’s a COMPLETE remake of the old Coret map (you know, the one from UT1999). Coret is a very complex map to make, it’s even harder if you want to make the geometry exactly the same, so you would not lose the old game play. Everything is made by hand (mouse) so it’s understandable that replicating coret takes a LOOOOT of time.

    >> Map is at 98% of completion <<
    >> Pre Release Testing will begin 2003-09-14 <<
    >> Testing will be done with 10 (already) selected clans <<
    >> After testing I'll add a download link (prob 2003-09-20) <<


    Hay me again,

    This post is 6 weeks after we began remaking Coret.
    The reason we came here was because we hade some problems. The problems where these:

    PROBLEM 01 (fixed)
    We couldn’t make any DecoText without manually adjusting the file
    :sour: PROBLEM 02 (temp fixed)
    We couldn’t find a decent program to make UT2MODs (a UT2003 Module Creator).
    :sour: PROBLEM 03 (temp fixed)
    We couldn’t make any *.UMX files within the editor (import Music files in UnrealEdv3.0).
    PROBLEM 04 (fixed)
    We couldn't get the "LightFlicker" effect to work in UnrealEdv3.0, other light effects didn’t work either…

    Tnx to some people around here the first problem was easily fixed. The second problem isn’t completely fixed because we now have the files *.ut2 and *.ogg stored in a *.zip package for installation. The third problem isn’t fixed either. As a temp solution we added the music file to the *.zip package. The file will not be uploaded while running a UT server because the soundtrack isn’t connected to Coret1999/Coret2003. To achieve this the soundtrack file (*.S3M) should be imported within the editor and saved as a *.UMX file (this is not working in this version of UEd yet. The fourth problem is fixed tnx to the research of my buddie Yakomo.

    :up: ........BIG tnx go to........ :up:
    DaNcO, Red_dwarf, acc, riv, MannyFresh027, Yakomo.







          ummm, u just copied it?
          cuz it looks the same, exactly the same.
          I dunno about others but if I wanna see remakes of maps and not just copies of them, identical ones


            It looks that good hu?
            Hard work pays off (finally)

            tnx again :up:

            No converting is used.
            After week 6 we are at file version 362 (all made by hand mouse))

            Going back to mapping now (Finishing wall deco)

            tnx again :-)



              1. why do you need to create a module? there will only need to be 2 files correct? a ut2 and an ogg. everything else can be saved in my level.(some may frown on an exe to install your map)

              2. can't you convert the umx to ogg? oggifier and oggdrop are two of them. there's a number of proggies out there that do this...then you set the soundtrack in the level properties.


                Enlightening :bulb:,

                Answer 01
                As a temp solution, the installer will install all handmade packages like:
                1. CTF-Coret1999.ut2
                2. Coret1999Music.ogg
                3. Coret1999Sounds.uax
                4. Coret1999StaticMeshes.usx
                5. Coret1999Textures.utx

                Answer 02
                We already have an soundtrack waiting in various formats but the problem is that,
                in the UnrealEdv3.0 you can’t (yet, epics problem) import *.umx (or any other format) files because they use *.ogg files.
                We already used the thing that u described to put it in it’s level properties but,
                This way if somebody doesn’t have the *.ogg file and links to a dedicated server
                the server will not upload the *.ogg file because it is not properly linked to the map.

                Hope this will clear things up........ :bulb:


                  just a quick question... does the new scale account for doublejump/dodgejump moves?

                  only asked cos it looks the exact same size as the original.

                  looking good anyway!


                    you can make a decent double jumps in Coret1999/Coret2003.

                    We made the map exactly the same cause of 2 reasons:
                    1. We respect it’s original author: Alan 'Talisman' Willard
                    2. We want the game play geometry to be exactly the same
                    3. The Double jump is an extra of the character not a map one.
                    This does not say we didn’t calculated the double jump into this map.
                    We made it so that you don’t hit the ceiling when you double jump, but you can make some awesome off-the-walls (more realistic). Places that weren’t accessible in the 1999 version like nightspots and pillars are now accessible trough this double jump.

                    Without wrecking the old geometry and game play we added a new vision into Coret.
                    Hope this will clear things up........


                      I liked Coret

                      Good to know there multiple of em in the making for UT2K3

                      1 tip though, if you don't want to change the layout thats cool but add some graphical stuff like some reflections on the walls at certain area's and stuff




                          Shouldn't it be called Coret1998 then?

                          Looks good though.


                            Phew ,

                            I’m done with editing for this week so,
                            I’m off to me lady .

                            Be back on Sunday
                            C y-all……..


                              This is no remake.. It's just an exact port of Coret.. Look at those Deck16 and Liandri maps for UT2K3.. Now those are remakes! UT2K3 style!